MPitS  Poetry Slams

Wednesday, March 19h---Coast Schools Slam (PAHS, AVHS, FBHS, MHS)
4pm at El Mundo on Main Street, downtown Point Arena
JUDGES---Miriam Owens, Janet DeBar, Joost Romeu,

It was a close match between Point Arena, Anderson Valley, Fort Bragg, and Mendocino. El Mundo on Main Street in downtown Point Arena (across from Pangea) was packed and people were standing in every available space. The youth were on, the poetry flowed. Everybody left smiling, not realizing that America started bombing Iraq as they were reading about peace, presence, love and hate.

AV - 601.5
FB - 612.5
Mendo- 617
PA - 620.5

Friday, April 4th---county wide slam (AVHS, FBHS, MHS, PAHS, WHS)

6:30pm at the Ukiah High Little Theater
JUDGES: Dan Barth, Theresa Whitehill, Armand Brindt

Point Arena High School, Mendocino High School, Fort Bragg High School, Laytonville High School, Willits High School, and Anderson Valley High School squared off at the Ukiah Little Theater in Ukiah. Once again, the Ukiah Little Theater was packed with eager readers and open ears. It was an incredible evening of profound expression and stellar poetic performances. We had more poets and poems than we had time, and we left hungry for more. Next year.

WHS - 537.5
FB - 521.5
PA - 518.5
AV - 515.5
Mendo- 515


Individual Top Scoreres
Sarah Hughes (W)- 65.5 --- 1st
Aaron Rosen (W) - 65.5 --- 1st
Genevive Gardner (M)- 65.5 --- 1st
Jimmi Lester (M)- 65 --- 2nd
Nadja Quiroz (W)- 64.5 --- 3rd
Sean Martin (FB)- 64 --- 4th
Jon Cho-Polizzi (FB)- 64 --- 4th
Pedro Madaleno (AV)- 64 --- 4th
Simon Ryan (W)- 63.5 --- 5th
Gina Lappe (PA)- 63 --- 6th

Slam Team Coches:

Willits----Greg Hoeteker
Mendocino---Scott Meltnser
Fort Bragg---Scott Meltnser
Anderson Valley---Scott Meltnser
Point Arena---Blake More

Many thanks to our judges and audience members. We couldn't do it without you!


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