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Tuesday, Feb 10, 2009
3:30pm at the Arena Theater, Point Arena, CA

At 3:30pm, on Tuesday, Feb 10th at the Arena Theater in Point Arena (214 Main Street, downtown Point Arena), high school poets from Point Arena, Mendocino and Fort Bragg competed for the chance to become the Mendocino County representative at the 2009 State Finals of the Poetry Out Loud Recitation Competition in Sacramento.

A collaborative effort of the National Endowment For the Arts, the California Arts Council, the California Poets In the Schools and Arts Council of Mendocino County, Poetry Out Loud encourages high school students to memorize and perform great poems. In 2008 more than 250,000 students across the nation participated in the Poetry Out Loud program.

"Learning great poetry by heart develops the mind and imagination," said Dana Gioia, former Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts. "It isn't just an arts program. By immersing themselves in powerful language and ideas, the students will develop their ability to speak well, especially in public. This is a skill they will use in the workplace and the community for the rest of their lives." Poetry Out Loud helps students master public speaking skills, build self-confidence, and learn about their literary heritage.

The event was at 3:30pm and was free and open to the public. It was be followed by the 9th annual Coast High School Poetry Slam competition. The event was made possible by the National Endowment for the Arts, California Arts Council, The Poetry Foundation, California Poets In the Schools, The Arts Council of Mendocino County, The Redwood Coast Education Fund, and the Arena Theater.  For more information about Poetry Out Loud, visit

POL Results


First Place:  
Allegra Fisher, 12 Grade, Mendocino Community High School
(Song for Soweto; Salome)

Runner Up:
Quinn Abelson, 11 Grade, Mendocino High School
(Kubla Khan; If)

Third Place:
Norma Orozco, 11 Grade, Point Arena HS
(Bilingue/Bilingual; We Wear the Mask)

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
4:30pm at the Arena Theater, Point Arena, CA
At 4:30pm, on Tuesday, February 10th at the Arena Theater in Point Arena, high school poets from Point Arena, Fort Bragg, and Mendocino spoke their original poetry at the 9th annual MCOE/CPITS Coast High School Poetry Slam. The event was judged by three Mendocino County poets (Jane Reichhold, Maureen Eppstein, Karen Uphoff), with audience response influencing their decision.  Thanks for joining us at the Arena Theater in Point Arena in support of youth expression! The slam was sponsored by the Mendocino County Office of Education and California Poets in the Schools with the generous support of the Arena Theater.

Individual Top Scorers

  Allegra Fisher 81.5—tied for 1st Place
Trieste Desautels 81.5—tied for 1st Place
Jason 79.5—2nd Place
Megan Miller 75.5—3rd Place
Norma Orozco 74.5—4th Place
Nona Wiley 73.5—5th Place
Melody Lester 72—6th Place
Mendocino (seven poets alternating to have six poets in each of the three rounds) = 424 w/17 poems read (25 average)
  Allegra Fisher 81.5
Jason 79.5
Melody Lester 72
Raina D. 51 (2 rounds)
Niko 47.5 (2 rounds)
Danika 44.5 (2 rounds)
Riannon C. 48 (2 rounds)
Point Arena (four poets slamming three rounds, one poet slamming two rounds) = 341.50 w/14 poems read (24.5 average)
  Megan Miller 75.5
Norma Orozco 74.5
Nona Wiley 73.5
Rhianon Radtkey 71.5
Ariel Riboli 47.5 (2 rounds)
Fort Bragg (four poets slamming three rounds) = 281 w/12 poems read (23.5 average)
  Trieste Desautels 81.5
Kelsey Leo 70
Miki McHenry 66.5
TJ Willimason 63

Tuesday, February 10th, 2009
4:00pm at the Ukiah Little Theater, Ukiah High School, Ukiah, CA
On Tuesday, February 10th at the Ukiah Little Theater at Ukiah High School (UHS campus, 1000 Low Gap Road, Ukiah), high school poets from Willits, Anderson Valley, and Ukiah spoke their original poetry at the MCOE/CPITS Inland High School Poetry Slam. Three Mendocino County poets (Sandra Wade, Armand Brint, Benj Thomas) judged the event, with audience response influencing their decision. Thanks for joining us in support of youth expression!. The event started at 4pm and was free and open to the public. The slam was sponsored by the Mendocino County Office of Education, California Poets in the School and was made possible by teachers Michael Ridell (UHS) and Susan Walz (WHS).

Individual Top Scorers

  Olivia Maceira 58—1st Place
Olivia Allen 50—2nd Place
Ally Coffman 47—3rd Place
Michaela Donahue 46—tied for 4th Place
Hilaire England 46—tied for 4th Place
Alexis Jenne 45—5th Place
Kimberly Dooley 44—6th Place
Willits 277
  Becky Truxel 43
Patrick Barnes 42
Ally Coffman 47
Kate Moyers 31
Anthony Hendrix 14
Amber Grable 42
Olivia Maceira 58
Ukiah 219
  Michaela Donahue 46
Alexis Jenne 45
Ashley Briant 38
Hilaire England 46
Kimberly Dooley 44
Anderson Valley 24
  Olivia Allen 50
Veronica Magdalina 14

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009
4:00pm at the Mathison Performing Arts Center, Mendocino High School, Mendocino, CA
On Tuesday, April 28th at the Mendocino High School Mathison Performing Arts Center (MHS Campus, Ford Street, off Little Lake Rd, Mendocino), high school poets from Anderson Valley, Fort Bragg, Mendocino, Point Arena, Ukiah and Willits delivered their original poetry at the 9th annual MCOE/CPITS Countywide High School Poetry Slam.   Four Mendocino County poets ( Linda Rosengarten, Jay Frankston, Nancy Nelson and Lorry Lepaule) very graciously judged the event, with audience response influencing their decision. A warm thank you to all the coaches, teaching staff, students, tech crew, and audience members who helped make the event another amazing afternoon of youth expression!  The slam was sponsored by the Mendocino County Office of Education, and California Poets in the Schools.  

Individual Top Scorers

  1st---Olivia Maceira 113
2nd---Alley Coffman 111.5
3rd---Jason Deutsch 109.5
4th---Michaela Donohue 109
4th---Olivia Allen 108.5
4th---Kim Dooley 108.5
4th---Becky Truxel 108.5
5th---Ariel Riboli 107.5
6th---Saiko Leo 106.5
Willits (five poets, alternating to make six poets three rounds) = 648 w/18 poems read (9 average)
  Olivia Maceira 113
Alley Coffman 111.5
Becky Truxel 108.5
Amber Grable 105
Kate Moyers 100
Ukiah (seven poets, three rounds, with some reading only two rounds) = 639 w/18 poems read (8.87 average)
  Michaela Donohue 109
Kim Dooley 108.5
Hilarie England 104.5
Melissa Walters 103.5
Catie Haveman 72 (two rounds)
Alexis Jenne 70.5 (two rounds)
Whitney Va 52 (two rounds)
Anderson Valley (one poet, three rounds) = 108.5 w/3 poems read (9 average)
  Olivia Allen 108.5  
Mendocino (two poets, three poems, three rounds) = 318.50 w/9 poems read (8.8 average)
  Jason Deutsch 109.5
Allegra Fisher 104.5 (three rounds & the three poem total was the same for both slots)
Point Arena (five poets, three rounds) = 515 w/15 poems read (8.5 average)
  Ariel Riboli 107.5
Norma Orozco 104.5
Morgen Pack 104
Winnona Wiley 102.5
Rhianon Radtkey 96.5
Fort Bragg (six poets, three rounds) = 616 w/18 poems read (8.5 average)
  Saiko Leo 106.5
Trieste Desautels 105
Lily Sugrue 104.5
Moriah Oliphant 102
Miki McHenry 100
TJ Willimason 98



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