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A long time poet teacher with California Poets In the Schools, Will Staple received the Engpol Median International Award in 1999 for four books published between 1991 and 1999. In 2000, while reading his poems in Locarno, Switzerland, he met the translator of his new book Luminosita Numinosa, which was published in English and Italian.

Will Staple's poetry "has a flavor of Shamanism," says Gary Snyder. This Nevada City writer, who received the Engpol Median International Award for four of his books: I Hate the Men You Sleep With, The Only Way to Reduce Crime is to Make Fewer Acts Illegal, Dr. Montoya's Medicine and his newest, Numinous Luminosity, has excited fans on both sides of the globe with his archetypical, anarchist poetry. Will has read at the Internazionale Percorsi poesia Festival in Locarno, Switzerland, recorded in Ostheim, Germany, and was inducted into the Royal Order of Black Hat Fools, in Lubeck, Germany. His new CD is called Black Dress On.

Will hopes to inspire students to write alive poems and says he awards Poetic Licenses to those young poets who give him goosebumps when he or they read their poems.

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