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Hunter Gagnon grew up in Maine and graduated from The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington. He then served two terms with AmeriCorps NCCC. Now he lives in Fort Bragg, where he works with State Parks, writes fiction and poetry, and enjoys frequent hiking and mountain biking excursions. He joined Poets in the Schools in 2018.

Incantation to the Spirit
of the Void and His Enemies

the ending dark slaps us down
cold heads press against dark glass

cold dark glass fades into form
head and chest form one slump line

low blue dunes beyond the marsh
empty scrambled dunes at dark

dogs and bells in frozen mist
stars are slow and teal and green

trembling lights in muskrat trails
soft blue light in marshsunk void

rainplink feet behind the wall
moonwashed plates and silver bowls

fireburst hands are nighttime lead
breath puffs slow in foamy dark

but beyond lead and thick dark
hot spheres and long confusion

there are great dark treefingers
starblast cupped worshipping hands

almost real, sometimes shaking

Dream from Portsmouth

Dream goes: stars, path of black dust, night time mountains
mountains black, zoomed out to rising cleavers, there I am
walking in, high chipped knives
my dad is through the pass, which is the chip in the knife
the mountain blade black, it is night time, stars blue
faded down to the hidden sun, weighed down to the pass
yellow of birth and hearts, weighed down,
by night time, my dad is there, through the pass
the star-blocking conjoinment, he has a lantern
a fire, my dad is there, I do not, he has history
I do not, me being okay, is there
through the pass, I see myself knowing this
zoomed out, then I'm in the vines, ivy
tripping, wild, in the dark off, off that trail
and I see it tilts off, the glow, the opening
Wake up: machine sounds, machine sounds dumping
window heat rippling, salt pile, swallowing
leaf shadows scuttling, over flat, over hard,
over hard wide waking brick


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