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Jasper earned a BA in Slavic Languages and Literature from Harvard College in 2012, receiving departmental honors. While in college he studied in Russia twice, took classes in five languages, and wrote a prize-winning senior thesis. After graduating, he became a certified Poet in the Schools and now teaches poetry to over 200 students every year, helping them write their own poems.


Society of Scribblers
by Jasper Henderson

a great archipelago of stoops
rope swings, riverbeaches
window seats & library desks
on each island a woman
or man or cat
sits cradling a book
vast society of silence

they rarely speak
except by post
or coffee house or
1 AM telephone call
and trip to the hospital
with bouquet and chapbook

cherry blossoms in the April
windstorm, so pretty
littering the walk

in silence, hands held
around the eternal
dinner table, a moment
of peace before the feast

beating of distant drums
through pine scrub and
straining ears and manzanita
that means,
there are others,
find them
be alone together
like driftwood kissing
smooth-rock shores






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