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PJ Flowers has loved to dance and dance words since childhood. She has worked joyfully with children and teens her entire career as a bilingual Spanish teacher of poetry, drama, creative movement, and yoga. Her students' words went from the page to the stage long before reality TV. Family, friends, nature, travel, the trials and travails of the public school system, and transcending cultural, linguistic and generational divides are passions that infuse her work. Poems seek and find TRUTH, accidentally or on purpose, she's discovered in her own writing and in her students', and that keeps igniting her interest and curiosity. PJ has performed her Movement-Poetry in the Bay Area since the 1980s and has taught for CPITS since 2006 (in Anderson Valley, Willits ,and recently, Redwood Valley and Ukiah).


Nearing Sixty Watching

It's always something. and it always "is what it is"
So 92 year young Mom says
Polio at six...I recovered and always loved to move
To flow to run, to step, to stop, abrupt interrupt,
Glow, flow, go
To dance and to watch the dancers dance
To watch
The people in "all-the way" love
The Daddy and the daughter dance,
The husband (dying of cancer) dance
(holding each other like LIFE)
Watching the "real" dancers watch
Them dance
Of the uninterruptable
Etta James' "At Last" pulsating through
their pulse

PJ Flowers


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California Poets In the Schools Teacher
Ukiah High School Poet Teacher
Willits High School Poet Teacher
Willits High School Poetry Slam Coach


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