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Time is my keeper

spinning me closer to the end

though it seems like forever to die

the years rise up like mountains

piercing the sky like spears

you've taken me for granted

a time or two (though who's keeping count)

you've scarred my skin with your fear of losing

what was mine all along

and patiently I've bid my time

staying constant beneath your feet

but the stars are dying beside me

released from the prison of time

while still I live

lingering when all I want is to fade

the end is near

and who will you kill once I'm gone?

Megan M
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher

Dream Just One

The inspiration of blind dedication
an inverted feeling of soul preservation

Beyond the space of basic calm and song
you see the pond of long tranquility is gone

Why is humanity one's own mind ecstasy
this needing is part of my being sanity

Farther than the soul of your heartbeat control
it's the shade of your affection which requires a toll

Aidan N
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


I am the gravity that pulls you closer
you are my prisoners
I hide your diamonds in my soil
I let you stand on me
so you can watch the stars
I am the dirt you walk on
the mud you splash in
I am the spinning orb in the middle
of a starry darkness
I am precious
I am dangerous
I destroy your cities when I rumble
and sometimes I drown them when the water
I am holding gets out of control
but no matter   how far from me you get
you must always come back
I am forever

Aubrey P
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


the citrus sticker

immaculately placed

upon the cream colored hand

the hand beating down on the bongos

he looked away

having another epiphany

wow, brilliant, he mumbled

beauty was tagged on every alley wall

Christina R
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher

Plane Crash

crime is like society
crime is society

society decays to make compost for the future

society speeds towards a plane crash

nowhere to go but down
speeding toward the ground
five thousand feet per second

creation leads to inflation
which is the creation of crime

crime smashes its way into the minds
of our children
like a derailed train

no one to save us from the crash

Ryan D
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher

The Consumed Unnoticed

I am a gentle breeze that cools
a fragrant scent

I am a relaxing breath
of necessary thick polluted wind

I am oxygen

I am a spirit stuck in the ozone

I am the sky, an invisible heaven
that freezes the fog

I am a gust of wind
that destroys a tornado

I am a draft
that refreshed the thin typhoon

I am the air
that cleans freshness
and replenishes it

Geneva C
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher

Earth Green

Earth is what gets smashed into yellow tennis shoes
the mud that gets squeezed through your toes after it rains
I am every element
I am the thistle seeds that float through the wind
that local mothers call fairies
I am the ashes that are left after one of my branches burns
I am the sand that saves you from drowning
I am every element
I am not always proud
when I am angry
I erupt
when I am scared
I shake
but I will never leave
I am eternal
forever living
I will surround you when you are dead
wrapping my body around you until you
become me

Alexa M
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher

Clicking Across a Kitchen Floor

Watch my tiny crab legs

click across your kitchen floor

I have narrowly missed being boiled alive

by jumping out of the large black pot

your chubby hands reach down to recapture me

but my pinchers are too fast for you

with one loud snap I have your finger

and go running off with it

out of the open door I crawl

slip across the icy ground

and find myself cracked and upside down

in a frigid muddy puddle

one last thought before I die...

I wonder if they'll eat the finger too

Zack B
Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher

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