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i hold my breath to keep from screaming

the air is cold,

so cold that one false move

will shatter it

i'm not worried because

i can't move

the words "it's alright"

echo hollowly around me


in the dark i see shadows

shadows making moving pictures of your life

our life

your smile is warmer than the sun

and yet

it's so cold

were i to breathe a cloud would form

a cloud whose tears would be betrayal

but i stay strong here

not breathing

not stirring

the dark is moving in

surrounding me

holding me

i can't see you but that means you're safe

it's cold but i don't shiver

it's better this way


Bridget McLaughlin
11th Grade, Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More & Carolyn Cooke, Poet Teachers



Bring it on

I shove my face into my pillow screaming out into fluff.

A cushioned blow does no damage.

This gets me nowhere.

I have not seen the outside of this world.

And never will.

A stream of light hits my face catching my attention.

I turn to see a hole in my wall blown open from the outside

I step through reaching out to the unknown.

Slow motion around me I am able to scream and everyone hears.

People walk by heads turn slow

They pretend not to see me

I scream louder

Dressed in my finest all month pajamas pants and a tank top

Glares of interest come from all around

I laugh, ignorant people.

I stand out arms spread mind clear heart pounding

I am ready for whatever life brings

So bring it on.

Michelle Mason
12th Grade, Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More & Carolyn Cooke, Poet Teachers




Kids had to throw rocks.
It was their only option

And they threw anything they could reach,

Cos' stopping would mean surrendering

To the overwhelming power

Of their brothers who had turned into their enemies -

Of their neighbors and those who want to

"Fix" them.

A kid wearing just a paper bag kicks a man to the ground,

Just to have a taller man with a bat

Come over and beat the sweat out of his body,

And the color off his skin.

So the kid has to keep kicking

Punches him in the testicles to buy enough time to get out of the grip

Of this supposed owner of his land and people.

Kids never knew their history,

Cos' their parents never taught them

So religious barriers became thicker

The Wailing Wall was filled with more wails -

Swelled and almost burst,

And these women have to keep praying,

Hoping their son isn't the next one to explode.

The new kids ride the busses,

Innocent, yet holding hate, and not knowing why,

But knowing it's toward those other ones.

We're the Blacks of the Middle East one of those dark ones says

As he presses his body up to the wall.

Pulling his pants down and giving himself pleasure.

All dignity gone,

And a shell, masking his body, and growing thicker every second.

They call it the bubble of happiness.

Zack Babtkis
12th Grade, Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More & Carolyn Cooke, Poet Teachers





  Sometimes I stop walking

  Because I don't know why to continue.

  I just stand there -

  The road forward pointless,

  Yet the road returning just as much so.

  When I was younger, my brother tried to explain to me

  That if you continue to cut a distance in half

  You would never reach the end.

  I couldn't grasp it.

  He tried to make it simple

  But I could not understand

  That no matter how long it took,

  You'd never reach the end.

  It's weird to think,

  If you walk from point A to point B for eternity,

  Each time cutting the distance in half,

  You'll never find the end.

  Sometimes I wish I could do that.

  Sometimes I wish I could walk for the rest of my life,


  With the end in sight,

  But never reach my final destination.

  Sometimes it makes me wonder what we live for

  We spend all our time trying to make it from one place to another.

  It makes me think

  Maybe life isn't about reaching your destination,

  Maybe it's about looking out the window on your way there.

Brady Klopfer
12th Grade, Pacific Community Charter HS
Blake More & Carolyn Cooke, Poet Teachers


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