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Deep in the Reflection

The Sea watches me
lay in the soft sand
I look down
deep in the reflection
watch the kelp grow, long and tall
feel the waves crash over the shore
I smell the salty seaweed
the crabs crawling around me
I watch the dolphins diving
into the alive sea
I think of how alive the sea is
like a mirror showing me
who I am

Emily, 3rd grade


One of My Favorite Things

I love the ocean
nocturnal fish eating fish
in the dark
eating machine sharks
darting through the depths
the little fish moving like lightening
cause they are so scared
of the big fish
scared of you and me

Evan, 2-3 grade


I say hi to the moon
and all the stars at night
sandcrabs glide along my sandy floor
their shells tickle
until they stop and I start to die

but the sunrise begins
the starfish slip down sparkling, shiny rocks
eat coral from the bottom up
all the animals join
find their eating places for the day

and again the sunset starts
the pelicans land on a brand new island
the stars come back
and the moon says "goodnight ocean"
to all the creatures

Brandon, 2-3 grade


On the sand

I was laying on the sand
I looked up at the moon
I saw sand
blowing forcefully in the wind
I picked up a handful
it slowly drifted away

Corwin, 2nd Grade

Star Dance

The stars dance over the beach
the waves crash
against the rocks
low tide shakes the algae
the salty sea crashing on everything
and sounds like poetry

Patrick, 2-3 Grade



The Ocean

I like the ocean
because it remembers me
in its ocean dreams
it makes me the smile of its day
makes me fall into it
tells me I'm falling
falling into the blue waters
I fall
in a boat
an ocean boat
that rocks me to sleep

Jessica, 2-3 Grade



Rock Dance

The lying rocks dance in the moonlight
the shining waves watch them
while the dolphins jump and play in the waves
a crab scuttles across the beach
and stops
stops to watch the rocks dance

Roxanne, 2-3 Grade



The Sand Crab

The sand crab
skitters across the morning sand
the waves crash on the rocks
I run over to the sand
and try to catch the crab
it runs back into its hole
my hand is lonely

Taraya, 2-3 Grade



Once There Was A Moon

The moon guided the fish
till one day, the moon grew tired
of guiding the fish day and night
so he fell asleep instead
the fish didn't know this
so they dove down deep
and got eaten by even bigger fish
the moon woke up, heard the fish call
say please guide us to safety
the moon did and these fish became bigger fish
and bigger fish, till one day
they grew lights on their body
like the moon

Andrew, 2-3 Grade



Small Turtles

The small turtles got out
of their nest in the sand
they ran as fast as they could
to the ocean
the seagulls saw them
and wanted to eat them
but the turtles hid in their little green and brown shells
so the seagulls did not catch the small turtles
the small turtles came out of their shell.

Lupin, 2-3 Grade


A young sea turtle was smiling in the water
when he saw a shark
swimming around
the sea turtle didn't know if the shark saw him
so he swam as fast as he could
but the shark was faster
and rushed forward and swallowed
the young sea turtle.

Konane, 2-3 Grade



The Day I Went To The Sea

I saw a dolphin
the sea shining with life
the sun smiled at me
the cliffs giggled
a starfish, dancing with joy
did a cartwheel
The sandpiper runs and runs and runs
the crab hide from his pointy beak
the seals barked and jumped into the sea
the dolphins kept slashing
side by side
till the sun went down.

Holly, 2-3 Grade



Moon Mirror

The ocean looks far away
in my heartbeat
I can see the waves
dancing with each other
crashing against the shore

I hear the rocks
"come play with us" they call
I jump out of the car
run to them
above me seagulls soar
in the moonlight

I must stop
look up, into the moon's eyes
hear her soft song
asking me to imagine
myself floating with her
in the sky
see my reflection with her's
in the water
the water of infinite possibilities

Renee, 3rd grade


A Sea Turtle's Tale

The ocean notices a pale young turtle, newly hatched
her waves offer a hand
the turtle flicker's his near death eyes

so the sea sings her ancient song
hums of the mermaids
who float in the deepest waters
comb their hair on her bottom rocks
of sea nymphs draped in night mist

The turtle opens an eye
death a little farther away
his vision tiniest bit alive
so the ocean continues her sweet syrup song
tells of how one water drop
created her story
made her into a current of life

The turtle's shell brightens
grateful to the grain of sand
that became the land

The ocean smiles, her job accomplished
"I've seen the waters of time"
she says in an exhale of frothy whitewater
"and the graceful dolphins
whispering their soft, cooing lullabies
these are the healing tides of hope."

Xochil, 3rd Grade



The Sea Looks At Me

The ocean dreams of rocks
look at her
she imagines the stars winking
a starfish tells her
"bring me krill please"
so she does
the starfish says "thank you"
the ocean splashes "your welcome"
in the waves

She loves the people
the people surfing on her swell

She loves the animals
the animals living on earth and sea
She has always been a best friend to me

April, 3rd Grade


the rocks tell the future
as the starfish listen
while the ocean guides me to the sky
where stars dance around sunset
remind of the seagulls
flying above the crumbling cliffs
the pelicans scooping fish
taking their dreams to the beach
where the crabs and the sea shells
know the future
the rocks used to tell the ocean

Jennifer, 5th Grade


Overlapping Waves

The rocks listen to me
while I dance towards the sea
laughing cliffs fall
the sun rises into the sky
flying around the puffy white clouds
as the waves overlap the sand
washing me away
but I can hear the wind's music
as I drown to the bottom
the flying fish and the prancing flowers
jump in the ocean
and fall around me
giving me life
as I float back up again

Anaise, 4-6 Grade



The Fish Bowl

The ocean tells a story
about a soccer game at Bowling Ball Beach
a team of steelhead versus the king salmon
playing with a shell
the rocks crumbling down, cheering
sand screaming for the king salmon
the rocks yelling for the steelhead
even the whales were watching the game
the king salmon missed the goal
the steelhead scored
all the fish in the ocean cheered
what a game!

Miguel, 4-6 Grade



In The Ocean

The sand crab takes a little piece of the ocean
gives it to the sand
I look at the ocean
it is a huge bucket of water
the starfish listens to the waves crash above them
the beached shell dreams to be back in the ocean
the waves show the salt in them
it is tears

H, 4-6 Grade



My Most Trusted Friend

the waves seem to speak as I sit by the show
while a seagull flies overhead
it tells me not to fear
that someday I'll fly like the confident seagulls

a sand crab comes and sits by me
he whispers words of wisdom that he learned from the sea
a sea lion yells about the fish he caught today
a gentle breeze comforts me
and I begin to smile
as the waves speak to me
and the seagull flies over me
I begin to fly
I take off from the ground and fly away
not forgetting to say
thanks to my most trusted friend.

Katie, 4-6 Grade


The Starfish's Long Dream

The ocean tells its proud story
the sunset brings light over the ocean
the moon and the stars twinkle with joy
in the silky sky
the sea carries the waves onto the shore
and I prance on them
the stones imagine they are pouring down with the rain
a team of whiskered lingcod dive in the waves
I am sitting on the beach
writing this poem

Ali, 4-6 Grade


The Ocean

The ocean is the dream of my future
the rocks guide me
the pelican takes me to places I've never been
the starfish tells me the story about a bird
the moon is the rocks of my past
the stones shows me the way back home
the stars dance in my head
the shells remind me to listen to the sun
make me imagine my present

Taylor, 4-6 Grade


Where I Live

Where I live
the ocean tells a story
a story of crumbling bluffs
tall tall cliffs

about the white waves
salmon splashing around
while the starfish gently catch their food
the sand so many years old

I am waiting for new rocks to crumble
but night falls like a blanket
till all is still and the sea bass sleep

But always, the ocean wakes
the sand stirs
I see the bluffs crumble again
the gray whale awakening in the distance

Seaweed washing to shore
pelicans flying
looking for food

yes, the ocean tells a story
each one different

Morgen, 4th Grade


Day On The Beach

The stars dance by the moon
As it dreams of peace on earth
Pelicans prance, eat fish all day long
The waves pound on the strong stones
As I watch the sea
Guide baby turtles back home
They leave their shells on the beach
starfish relax on a lovely sunset
As the colors grab me
And we remember this beautiful day

Emily, 5th Grade


Sea Shells

Seashells tell strange stories
of the ocean depths
all around the world
their stores as old as they are new
not only do I listen to them
but so do the albacore with their giant eyes
the crabs with huge claws
and the plankton so miniscule
you can hardly see them

Sal, 4-6 Grade


Ocean Dreams

I go to the ocean when I need to cry
I know it won't tell
I spill my worries to the sand crab
though he scuttles away
I think he listens

like a stone, I lie in the sun
so I can be bleached white with time
share wisdom from the center of the earth
find a molten core made of chocolate

I long to discover secret caves
never before stained with human feeling or thoughts
meet mermaids and sea lions
the clean, kind beings who don't care if I'm crazy

I want to leave my clothes on the shore
swim with the dolphins and whales
I want to laugh
run and scream
with the wind
as I create my list of secret ocean dreams

Melody, 6th Grade



Dancing On Clouds

The ocean makes me dance on clouds
to the song of sea urchins
the sun rising its good morning
everything still and joyous
the waves crash and play like kids
I sit, which the sand crabs shout
I am shaking like an earthquake
I have never felt so alive

the sun begins to set
so the moon can tell me stories
the stars smile down
the ocean calms as it falls asleep
dolphins swim and chat with each other in the dark
the starlight gives me a path to heave
the ocean makes me sing and dance.

Callie, 4-6 Grade



The ocean is my friend
I hear fish jumping
I look out to see the fish
but none are there
so I watch the waves roll in
they tell a story
I hear the fish jumping again
I look
there they are
it's a salmon and a lingcod playing together
I think happy thoughts
and wonder if I could do the same
just swim underwater
for one day in the vast ocean
with the abalone on the bottom of the ocean
the fish swimming through the water
then I think I can't do that
but the rocks say I can
so I smile
somewhere and albacore is playing with its friend
and I am glad.

Billy, 4-6 Grade


Beach In My Mind

The towering waves bring
crumbling bluffs to the sea
the whales listen
to the crabs telling the ocean's secrets
the sky dreams of the time
when the sunset brings the moon to life
while I write this poem
on my imaginary beach
in my mind

Ethan, 4-6 Grade



Standing on a tall bluff
Wind whipping around me
Taking my heart with it
As it swirls back out to sea
As I watch the ocean
Sweeping below
Listening to its story
It talks of Humpback whales
Singing their song
And thundering, dancing waves
Breaking on crumbling cliffs
It talks of silver, blue dolphins
Leaping over swirling foam
And salmon swimming
In endless depths
I listen to all this
As I watch the moon
Glittering on the ocean
I take a breath
That last spirit of wind
Whips by me
With it comes my heart
With me
Standing on a tall bluff

Julia, 6th Grade


Ocean Dance

The ocean offers its shells
to me on the shore
The ocean talks to me
sings songs to me in its beautiful noise
The shells dance, the fish dance
The ocean is beautiful and peaceful
makes me want to be happy
and friendly to other people
bring peace to the world
The ocean is peaceful and lonely.

Fannie, 5th Grade



I am a crazy person
I wonder what the meaning of life is
I hear monkeys singing in my head
I see dancing cows
I want to rule the world---muahahah
I am a crazy person

I pretend to like brussel sprouts
I feel something squishing and green
I touch a hippo
I worry that I will get to be an old lady
I cry about nothing
I am a crazy person

I understand that I'm crazy
I say that when you are asleep toys have parties
I dream that pigs fly
I try not to be crazy
I hope I don't live to be old
I am a crazy person

Katie, 4-6 Grade


I Am

I am good a climbing and running
I wonder what the smallest planet is
I hear whistles ringing
I see the sun getting bigger
I want a new bike
I am good at climbing and running

I pretend I'm at five places at a time
I feel wonder
I touch a piece of pizza
I worry for my family
I cry because my best friend moved
I am good at climbing and running

I understand why doors shut
I say that I like recess
I dream I'll get a new bike
I try to save my money
I hope to always have friends
I am good at climbing and running

Adrian, 4-6 Grade


I Am

I am very different and good in a bad way
I wonder if I care sometimes
I hear the scream of the wind
I see the world die, but gently
I want everything, although it is not enough
I am very different and good in a bad way

I pretend to be someone else
I feel alone, yet crowded and squashed
I touch angel wings as if I am in heaven
I worry I am not wanted
I cry when the world won't try
I am very different and good in a bad way

I understand that it is okay not to be fierce or tough
I say speak out and be heard
I dream beautiful things
I try to be myself and not give up in this superficial world
I hope you won't laugh
I hope you will try to feel the same way, but you probably won't
I am very different and good in a bad way

Melody, 4-6 Grade

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