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President Obama We Want To Write A Poem For You

We think you need your own space
like a private room with a wavy waterbed
full of fish that you can dive into
and lots of pillows
and a private shower
we heard you love basketballis it true? (we know it is!)
we think you should go skydiving
you should also give poor people homes
and money to buy beds, food, everything they need
we think you should make food and gas prices go down
and invent something good to bring our troops home
what is your puppy’s name? did you get it yet?
you should also get some tools and build lots of houses
here’s a joke to make you laugh (presidents need to laugh)
knock knock
who’s there?
the cow
the cow who?
how ya peeling?
here is a serious question
what would you do if a big giant piece of yellow and red jello fell on you?
we think it is best if you eat it fast!
we are excited that you get to fly in private airplane
we are excited because we are learning about the continents
Antarctica, Africa and Europe
remember, when you get tired at the end of the day
find a quiet place with sunshine
a coconut tree
lots of fish
and a good chicken book

Obama Rocks!
Best wishes and rad skateboards

Kai, Lennon, August, Hayden, Zia, Lexi, Violet, Jason, Cole, Thomas, Madison, Laisha, Logan, Leroy, Annie, and Lauren
K/1 class, PCCS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Dear Obama

I like how you stopped a prison
the first day you were elected
I wonder
if you will challenge George Bush
to a basketball game
will you let
gay people get married?
will you let
your daughters stay up all night
and eat candy?
will you let
your dog sleep on your feet?
please stop war
and pollution
we are sorry
white people don’t treat you the same way
I think everyone is equal
p.s. stop making so many plastic toys!

Todd Orenick’s 2/3 class, PCCS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


As Many People Live

As many people are political
I am not
As many irate people neglect the flesh
I am friends with it
As uncounted people think that man can change the world
I think not
As people hope the world does not get destroyed by man
I do too
Have a nice four to eight years

4-6 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Let Your Mind Soar

Computer pants
Can let you
Get up
And walk around the world
Scroll down the country
Surf the web
To walk on the words
Of geography
Let the information sink
In your head
Text on your $3000 blackberry
While going outside
To a blackberry bush
But remember
Money doesn't grow on trees
After all
You are the president
Of the U.S.A.
But you're also
A human being

4-6 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher



Can You See It?

Can you see global warming ending?
Can you smell the ink of a newly signed peace treaty?
Can you feel the hostility disappearing and the hospitality spreading?
Can you hear the mingling among people of different races?
Can you see it?

Can you see sworn enemies befriending each other?
Can you smell the spring wildflowers blooming?
Can you feel the wind moving dandelions in different directions?
Who knows where they'll land?
Can you hear the eagle's wings flapping?
Can you see it?

Can you see the buffalo roaming the great plains again?
Can you smell the clean air?
Can you feel the earth renewing itself?
Can you see the magic in the moon?
Can you feel dawn?
Can you hear the horse's hooves pawing the ground among the meadows?
Can you see the joy?

I can.

4-6 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Finally someone realized,
looked into our hopeless eyes,
saw the painful tears we weep,
for the path we are forced to take is steep.

Finally, before we go insane,
before we start
to lose our brains,
someone decides to make a change.

Finally, hope we start to gain,
we believe in you,
and each and everything
you do.

Finally, the news is worth listening to.
Finally, what someone says is true.
Finally, the noise starts to die.
You halt our tears,
we stop our cry.

7-8 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Our World Will Shrivel

bring the troops
home now.
if not, our world
will shrivel up
like a raisin, a dried
apricot, a prune.
blow up like
a balloon
global warming,
a problem we
can't change
alone the heat
has flown to
the ozone.
if we don't do
something, the world
will melt like an
ice cream cone,
and cook like a
fried egg.
finally change
has occurred
yes sir, change
will stir.
we trust you
obama and I
think most people do,
let's keep it that way
for as long as
we glue,
this nation together
1,2,3, we'll pursue

7-8 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Cheers and Tears

Cheers and tears
everyone laughs, sings, and dances
about this time
balloons fly
eyes cry
everyone smiles
holding tissues and flowers
waving and giving each other hugs
as Bush leaves
flying away
Soon everyone leaves
balloons slowly hit the floor
I'm left standing alone
asking, now what?
What comes
after the balloons
hit the floor
or when the day changes
will the excitement leave
or will our hearts keep
pumping at different speeds?
Will eyes keep crying
every tear sliding
down each cheek
will smiles keep shining in
the dark night?
will you keep all of your
keep our hearts warm
and full of love?

7-8 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Things Will Be Different

I’ve sat in my chair
waiting for a change
Many things have happened
while waiting
and finally, there is change
Change you have brought
I am hoping
that this change will not be like the last
you have many things you must do
you have a war that must end
an economy that must change
and an ozone that must be saved
you will have to lead us to do these things
you will have to lead us through the freezing winter
the burning summer
the green spring
and the falling fall
after all this has been done
then maybe
things will be different

7-8 Class, Pacific Community Charter School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


5,000 Times

A pulse of victory
Each heartbeat
glory extended
the shadows
banished to the farthest corners
A bright flash of purest sunlight
We're basking in the glow
But those aforementioned shadows
will soon crash on your shoulders
with their full weight pressing down
on you
will your thoughts
stay clear
or fog up
It’s your job now
to hold us up
don’t let the shadows
grow ever heavier
please don't let the shadows
take us again
We can only fall so many times
or we'll shatter
but for now
bask in your own light
and reflect it back on us
5,000 times stronger
Bring our smiles out
it's okay if you jerk our tears
We only mean them to be joyful

Pacific Community Charter School
Poetry Slam Team

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