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My Road Back Home

If I follow this road
back home
I walk through
thick black shadows
through late October mist
moonlight in front
imagining the wet grass
smells of morning
the early bird songs
promising to chirp
for the meaning of a new day
telling me
I will make it
back home
for the moon
won't leave me

Vincent "Burtsie" Maruffo
11th Grade


Mother Earth, I Pray

I pray
to the four quarters of the world
I ask
the wind, my cousin, to help me
please help me on this quest
quest to be with our Mother
the Creator
reunite us
I pray
for you in good health
because I am a child under your hand
weaning myself from the accessories
of a white man's life
our culture torn from our mothers arms
I ask
please hear this neglected child's plea
for I pray from deep within the white man's society
do you hear me?

Vincent "Burtsie" Maruffo
11th Grade



In the mirror
I sit with my face covered
I think why, but I know why
the reason I hide who I am
let people look at me in this car
it adds to my look
I smell cigarette smoke, cologne, beer
see my love, the love of my life, snort a line
he turns toward me, I smile, mocking us both
then I drink from a beer
knowing more than beer is entering my body
I sit, all at once feel
love hate fun sorrow pain
no one can touch me
I can't be hurt
I can't be hurt
Through town, down to the river
driving our way to hell
no one will ever think the same of me
how could I know
in one move,
a finger slip, missed turn
cigarettes, calogne, beer
would become
broken glass, blood, pavement
slowly, the smell of cypress enters the car
then panic and struggle
tears rolling down his face
only thoughts from me calmed him
just in time to
get out
find help
it's all over
the fun, parties, drugs and that car are

Ashley Bonham
12th Grade


The Moon's Love

I look at the moon
only to see his face
not the man in the moon
but past lovers, new lovers
ones I'll always love

I see their hearts
how they love
why they love

I wish I could push the moon away
hold it
at once

me, the girl of hidden feelings
the sight of him always
waxing and waning
in me
never coming out

Ashley Bonham
12th Grade


Artificial Light of Night

the artificial electricity of Plutonium reminds
as steel tanks of oil gleam on the sands of Iran
the rise of the moon, the blood moon
the rise of war
the rise of the abhorred
as the blood rises
so do fallen warriors rise
weeping in the pain of terror
and victory
life chases death
great metal fire flies crash into living flesh
till the blood moon sets
with the sun, the rise of life
begins to show
the end of the first day
of war

Sal Martinez
12th Grade


Requiem for Aunt Mary, 10/29/02

Skeletal body
no matter how sick you were
you smiled
as we counted your ribs
were you happy?
are you happy now?
Anorexic victim
rest in peace

David Ranseen
11th Grade


goody goody

got your title?
got your place in line?
world looks down on you
don't step out of your place
don't say I didn't warn you

Path is laid out for you
teachers coming down on you
no time to be you

world's got a place for you
nine to five
or the street
you are who you are
glass image
porcelain personality
no changes allowed

adult world's a grind
gonna get some children
perpetuate this myth

David Ranseen
11th Grade

Breathing In

A deep breath
to my stomach
filling my lungs

flows through this body
sucking in
through every pore

then rushes out
through every atom
every molecule of my being

David Ranseen
11th Grade


Do you try to hold a moonbeam
friend, you cling to dreams
clutching at light
it slides through your fingers
shining liquid

have you stood in shadow
longed for light
fearing the dancing darkness?
do you hear the voices
of ancestors
in the wind
or seen your arm
clutched by dark
spectral fingers

look carefully
do you see the pale horse
lit by lunar rays
tonight, he passes by
not turning
but what of tomorrow

friend do not hold the moonbeam
open your hand
the cool touch

David Ranseen
11th Grade

The Moon

The country moon rises
in early minutes
this winter night guides
my way with its subtle rays
beady light shines through redwood trees
little fur scurries around
in a pearled presence
moon illuminated trail
through the woods
I see my cabin
smoke rising curls
from the chimney
I can't wait
in protection and warmth

Kelly Cochran
12th Grade

Cold Winter

the cold winter is coming
in the morning I can see my breath
exhale, yawn, more breath
flocks of birds fly in the brisk sky
go south for sunshine
animals grow more fur
new winter fashions in windows
people in hoods and big jackets
almost sick from colds
drinking hot cocoa
laying in bed
Christmas specials on TV
leafless trees think of snow
wide snowmen and fights
power outages
the rough sea lapping
the Gualala beach
misting into river
floods in Manchester
no school
candles on tables
the cold winter comes.

Brittany Moore

Night Moon

Many times
I've taken a sauna at night
the moon has been there
in the sky
making everything much nicer
done sweating, I jump into the river
splash at the moon
take a deep breath
the moon
plants a new perspective in my mind
for a second, everything changes
and I don't feel so bad any more

Julian King
11th Grade

Gualala Moon

the moon
different every night
a disappointment of a day
half moon
half a chance to do something
to remember
but not to take for granted
ah, then theres the one
and only
the full moon
jogging along the river
the reflection of huge grey spot
comng out of the water
punching me
punching me drunk
now I'm drunk
drunk with moon
drunk in Gualala
that's the Gualala Moon

Matt Jurist

Cry a Thousand Diamonds

Cry a thousand diamonds
for ache of a lustful moon dream
Dappled moonlight through the clouds, my dappled heart
Not knowing what to expect
Not expecting what to know
Cold tears make a ripple in the reflection
of what my soul yearns to see.
longing for that one tender kiss that will hang the moon.
But that kiss is as far as the stars
and so I cry a thousand diamonds
For ache of a lustful moon dream
When luscious rain felt love beneath starlit wind
and those lips found that kiss
But the waves crushed that moon dream
and left nothing but foam on the sand
and those lips never found that kiss
so I cry a thousand diamonds
I cry a thousand diamonds
For that lost, tender, kiss.

Melissa Zeiher


Why did it end up this way?
Why is war all you see today?
Why did Bush have to make this choice?
Why didn't he listen to the worlds voice?
"Peace!", they said, "No war on Iraq"
"Let's go NOW", Bush said,
"We have to attack!"
But why attack a whole country,
just for one man?
Tell me it's not simply because we can
People are people, whether here, or in Iraq
and death is death, there's no taking that back.
Why do innocent children have to die?
Why do so many mothers have to cry?
All I have to ask, is why

Melissa Zeiher

Butterfly on my Shoulder

A butterfly lands on my shoulder.
She's happy, I can see.
My secrets I have told her,
and she's keeping them for me.
I stand still
let her wings take a rest
She'll go when she is ready,
surely she knows what's best.
This butterfly is sweet,
resting on my shoulder
she knows of no deceit,
or of days grown colder.
Is this butterfly a new friend?
is she watching over me today?
I guess I'll never know.
Too bad... she flew away.

Melissa Zeiher

Where Do I Stand

We go out and she walks by
You just can't keep her off your eye
Is it true or is it false
How can I break down your walls
You look at her you look at me
but which one do you really see
make up your mind
is it me or her
your leading me blind
i need to know
where do i stand
do we go hand in hand
or are you with her
I need to know
should I be with someone new
that deserves me more than you
I see how it is with you
have your cake and eat it too.
i deserve much more than this
you can't fix it with a kiss
is it her or is it me
give me love or set me free

Melissa Zeiher


There were bodies hurtling down
as others were racing upward

a difficult question to answer,
is which would the braver be?

Those with the faith that God
was their destination?

or those with the faith that God
would help them to help others?

And when those brave souls met.
somewhere in the middle
of going up and coming down

As their spirits joined in harmony
did they feel mankinds outpouring?

Did this horrific act preceed
the beautiful sound of angel voices
and 2801 wings on the rise?

Melissa Zeiher

My Picture

Looking into the past
I see the trees
I see a pure innocence
An understanding to be
It is me
The only I see
Sitting there with a helmet
Baby faced with shoulder pads
Ready to battle
Looking beyond the photo
I see the day I earned
The privilege
To fly
Old enough to drive
Now my car insurance card has rubbed off on my face, arms, being
So every time I look
At myself
I am safe

Lucas Wellman

Questioning The Moon

I look into the moon
see the faces of time
looking back at me
with all the questions
I have
they have the answers
but they only give me with silence
I will have my questions
when I join them
look back at all the people
with questions on their faces
me knowing the answers
speaking my silence

Michael Waldie

Moments of Life

Two lovers engage in the darkness
a sudden glow fills the air
sparkling light enchants
the room
unexpected silence
takes over their bodies
their eyes shine at each other
their passion glistens
in the moonlight

Roshell Thomas
12 grade

The Lonely Girl

The wind blows through her golden brown hair
people around her converse
ignoring the small innocent girl
she sits and wonders
where does she belong?
where does she fit in?
this puzzle of life?
her only companion is a small, fluffy dog
who comforts her with his shinning eyes
not knowing what lies ahead of her
she smiles

Sandra Sanchez
12th grade

My Brother

My brother and I
young, tanned with hot days
sunshine skin
not knowing what will lie ahead
what the future brings
us not seeing each other for eight years
then I move to my brother's hometown
unknown to me
he was there, just there
the emptiness gone
finding each other inside
for the second time

Brandi Robinson
10th Grade

Battlefield Moon

On the eighth month of the second day
of the full moon
I scream in pain of this wretched moon
how does it stand out so bright
in this battle field tonight?
my wounded brothers in arms
scream in pain from their wounds
they don't seem to find comfort
in the moon;
so why should I
for once in my life?
the moon only brings me sorrow
this night.

Joshua Holmes


A bed is what I crave
my eyes burn with plague
a disease that can't sleep
infinite bands of led on my eyes
sand can't do the trick
tie my eye lids down
so I can see the black inside
half asleep
half awake
don't touch

if you desire to touch
touch me with a pillow under my head
help me sleep

10th Grade

Old Habits

He sits with confusion on his face,
the real question is:
where am I?
what am I?
his body consumed by alcohol and drugs
filled with intoxication

he feels above it all
he is immortal
he can do whatever he wants

the morning sun hits him like a punch
near his face, a headache he can't ignore
it seems like every weekend he wakes up
on someone else's door

he eats cold pizza on the side of the curb
thinking about the night
he can't do this any more

but as next weekend rolls around
he finds
his good time habits kicking in

Ronnie Simila
12th Grade


President Bush thinks we are united
says we should feel proud to be Americans
but what are we proud of?
does war make us proud?
are we being set up for disaster?
is this president the man he says he is?
why does he hurt our environment?
he has destroyed many lives
the lives of 33,000 salmon
lives he is responsible for
why should we believe this man?
he hurts our country.

Ronnie Simila
12th Grade

The Man From The Moon

He is the light bulb
what lights up the sky
the guy who lights up my life
he creeps into my room
through my open window
at once, I am aware that he's alive
watching me with his glowing eyes
and brilliant smile
he comes closer
engulfs me
with his soothing touch
as morning approaches
he leaps out my window
fades away into the vast morning sky
I awake
but I know
the man from the moon
will visit again

Sandra Sanchez
12th Grade

Secret Haven

In the jungle I collected my table of thoughts
the moon, reflecting off the pond below the chair where I sit
I too, have felt the endless cold as I try to find reason
but I feel I like the way the night wraps around me
like an icy blanket of truth
and this home I love soon will change, show me a world
I do not know
this strange world feeling like an ocean floor
unsafe and unpredictable
the mist in the air welcoming birds to sing bitter melodies
I notice trash withering before me
suddenly the light pierces through
creating joy as if it were penciled in by an eager artist
or penned in by the grace of heaven
the entrance to this secret place accepts me like a warm fire on a cold night
crawling to the door, I feel the skeptic fear
of a captive animal, a monkey in a zoo
the trees of this haven introduce me to a cave
of many wonders
and it is as it is to be
autumn no more.

David Campbell
12th Grade


Darkness binds me,
Smothers my soul.
It surrounds me,
Then swallows me whole.
It rips me through,
I must break its hold.
I will keep my heart true,
But it's so... cold.

Leela Carpenter
11th Grade

Kyoto Solace

Always before, the spring returned.
The bright world in its cycle spun
In air and flowers, grass and fern,
Assured and cradled by the sun.

Always before, you could explain
The turning darkness of the earth,
And how that dark embraced the rain,
And gave the ferns and flowers birth.

Already I forget those things,
And how a vein of gold survives
The mining of a thousand springs,
The seasons of a thousand lives.

Now winter is my memory,
Now autumn, now the summer light-
So every spring from now will be
Another season into night.

Leela Carpenter
11th Grade

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