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What If?

what if
what if violence was no more
and love was all over
what if
what if the sky was brown
and the sand was baby blue
what if
what if the trees were yellow
and the bees were green
what if, what if
the rocks were green
and the toads were black
what if
what if people ate grass
and bass ate chicken
the meaning of what if
it's our world
and what if our world was perfect
what if that days comes soon
but what if it doesn't
what if
the world never knows
the meaning of what if.


I am the morning all day and the evening all night
a perfectly ripe orange who's good for your inner child
a worn out shoe that travels the world
wild "Low Ride-Er" blares from my soul
the key to unlock every locked door is what I'm used for
I'm the car that ain't brand new, but gets you where you're going
I live in the past with the beasts where everyday I feast
the sound of laughter echoes through the mind
cause they know I'm not the quitting kind
a white sandy beach that even true lovers will never find
the color that glows within every living being
when you look at me is what you're seeing
I make you…ecstatic

Owen Guyan



The Road to Heaven and Hell

A thick confetti filled sandstorm dances like purified underwater seaweed,
plummeting past heavily grooved walls like a rushing string of lights.

Blurry prisons infest the glass-eyed polyfoam faces after a black hole sucks
up waste like a funneling vacuum in which a flicker of regret burns my
sharp eyes.

The moon rises down like the churning eye of the storm
during the blurry, passionate fiesta at which concrete praying mantises show
their invulnerability to the flat media loving heartbeat of America.

And, at the end of the world where obelisks flourish,
humming cocoons strain with scissor-sharp bisections while unbreathable
oxygen fills the lungs of a metallic volcano,
spewing bodies like a rushing sea of hate.

Life now flickers like a comatose candle,
in a tomb where hieroglyphics sharply form themselves around our lives like
seething splinters.

And for what....Death???

Owen Guyan




When your rough morning is over
and you can relax
that's her
that crisp shinning red apple
pleasing to everyone
loose flip flops put my mind at ease
I want to "jamm'n wit you"
she is the paper clip holding me together
smooth bicycles gliding on polish pavement
takes us back 30 years
laid back, but energizing
tense less breath
my sigh of relief
my walk on the beach

Katy Frost

Vienna Rosa

sunrise rolling up over East mountain hills
as if it were juicy grape red wine dribbling down her curves
love the way she grooves
"Let's get it on"
She is gold
purest, most perfect, hardest to capture
I need that powerful, sexy, hot Italian Lamborghini
to drive me
drive me to the future
wake up with morning sounds
hold, hold her in my lucky virgin hands
wish to be with her
a small deserted island
crystal clear water embodying it so
romantic dinner and housing
she is wearing a reddish orange dress
made of sunrise
she approaches
I can only say one word
Italian beauty.

Ben Buechuer



Tashi is 4:00 in the morning watching Nickelodeon
a red maraschino cherry laying on top of an ice cube in a Shirley Temple
Tashi walks on four inch pink leopard print stiletto heels
singing "Barbie Girl" as she dances at a club when she turns 21
wearing a gold ring studded with diamonds
that her imaginary prince charming will give her
There, she will think back to the small purple box
its pink letters tell her
"Place a penny in the slot
Close your eyes and wish a lot
If in your heart you believe
your prince charming you'll receive"
Now subconsciously she might compare that box
to the life she will have in the future
when she's older she will be wild
speeding down the road in a candy apple red mustang convertible
Tashi is the renaissance
a princess living in a comfortable palace
fields of sunflowers gathering the sunlight
while she stares into a hot pink reflection
in the future she will think back to her home in Point Arena
and remember that she is my little sister.

Amanda Pence



Ask what you're trying to find
finding that you may befriend
friends that always change
they always change until they die
death always lets us end
ending and free us from this world
the world that from which troubles are given
a hand to help them that have too many problems
these are those ignored
judging each other is always
then killings occur
now we must live
history is made of mirrors
the sleepers nap away the future
opening imaginations
point at possibilities
they question existence
all of us ready in anticipation
our lives now slip by unseen
and we try to keep what has left
never understanding ourselves
we vanish
wishing we could find a friend
maybe we need to yell

John Crosby


Anything anyone says is an act
bandage my brain from breaks and burns
cute cuddly woman chop and cut all day
drag, dip and dunk the donuts
eat everything everywhere
fall down by get back up and fly
give a glare and a go
hop around hug her and bounce
itch it, idolize it, and leave it
jump around in the jungle
like it until she laughs
kings are meant to be crowned
manage to move as much as possible
nod when the nut falls
order and overlook the ocean scenery
push around the pickle picker
quiet questions lead to quiting
run around but reach the top
sweat sexy songs make sexy sex
tickle tyranny's tummy from the inside
understand what I said
varnish in the night
wait until the moment's right
x-ray vision makes it better
yelling can yodel your mouth
zap you gone

Jean Valdez


My Dog

My dog is the midnight night
when he sees something in his sight
his thoughts are like a melon
he doesn't think just does
but when he sees a dog
an uncool dog
he'll bust out a stomper boot
throw down with his frantic behavior
show his gold of triumph
and kicked back way like a '64 impala
cruzin' in to the future
to teach the future the ways of the past
his crazy bark
echoing through the rolling hills
black as the dead of night

Michael Martinez



Andres is the sparkling night
and the perfect summer afternoon
a nectarine that is round and sweet
the shoes that make you feel like you are floating on clouds
the song of the angels making your heart flutter
the precious gold that glitters like eyes
the trustable beautiful mitsubishi spyder eclipse
living in the time period of Aztecs
full of pride and culture
drip drop like a faucet linking a lake, so intense it makes you dream
the colors of the rainbow
that represent every color known in the world
Andres is caring, loving, and unique

Ana Martinez


bob is a morning sunrise
a fuzzy kiwi on a vine
an old but usable tennis shoe
listening to different random pieces of music
bob is a real wagon in the year 2869
a piece of raw silver
he's the loud but quiet sounds
of a water drop drip dripping from a cave
he's a smooth round grass mountain sitting on the earth
he's a man of little color
see through hands
blackoutline and the rest pure white
he's bagpipes played backwards
bob is bob




My dog
like an old hiking boot
never worn but always used
hiding behind mounds
of autumn colored fluff
like an overripe orange
too lazy to leave the tree
like a romantic love ballad
played in an orchestra
of long haired bar bands
she is no one to some
but a hero to me

Jacob Stillman

I'm a sunset person
I'm a purple grape dangling from a vine
I'm a DADA supreme getting ready to dank on ya
I'm whatever you say I am
If I wasn't then why would I say I am
I'm a 24 inch spinner
cause I just keep on rollin'
I'm an ivory colored Escalade with leather interiors
I'm a future person because I'm the future
vshoom, that's me in the Escalade
My color is sacramento king people
relaxed, rolling in the Escalade

Caleb Aitchison



Vanessa is like the night
she is a sweet summer peach
for her sweet intentions
she is a delicate slipper made of gold
she is my kind of rain
like love from a drunken sky
her smile is golden like a precious gold chain
she is a 2003 Ford Mustang Convertible
with white leather seats
if she could live any other time
she would live tomorrow and forever
tweet tweet like a bird
she sings, like a calm crystalline stream
she is baby blue like the sky above
she is sweet, like an angel

Kim Warren



Awaken the sun
burn the night
call to the stars
divide the two times
find the dark time
hail to the king

inform me now, please
jump to your feet
kick up the dust
leave a message for me

my heart does desire
nothing but his love
orbit the earth
play among the stars
quit being a fool
reward me or her it matters no more

spin in the cold winter snow
try some its good
use snow for ice cream

vanquish your fears
wander the woods
yell to the bear
zoom…through your mind…

Kim Warren



Ask don't tell
beat the opponent
cry and I'll cry with you
dunk hard not easy
end never ends
fall but get up and keep going
go for your dreams
handle the pressure
increase the peace
joke don't poke
killers never win
lift your spirits
make it count
never come up with nothing
open the right doors
push yourself till you succeed
quitting is not an option
run and reach your goal
I'm standing by the edge but don't push me
turn to the right people for help
understand the use of your life
vanish when it's time to vanish
wish and you shall receive
always be X-treme
yell when you can
zero? no, you're the hero.

Caleb Aitchison



Not Ask

Depend on act not ask
because when you break, beat, burn, brawl
it will make you cut, clip, cry and carry
a drink it would make you dawdle and dive
into a clashing edge of an elbow
make you fall into a freeze
and a glare
hits you and makes you
idle you eyes and
jump and juggle yourself
to loosen, listen
and mirror a move
not to nod and not to nap
but to oppress and overtake
with a posh, pull, prance, and a punch
that is quiet without question
to make you remember the reach you took
that didn't make the stretch you tried to spin
throw, twist
so understand
don't varnish
don't walk, weep, wail, wish and wander
x-ray, look through the hate and
don't make the same mistake and just yield
just yield

Michael Martinez



Alternator, charge up your life
backfire, just like a gun
chain, put the power to the ground
domination, better than the rest
engine, go as fast as you can
fight, for your life
Gualala, my home town
High, on a mountain
ignition, blast off
jump, high in the air
kick you're a**
laugh, at your friends
make sure, it never ends
nail, the throttle
option, which trail to take
passion, for the woods
quiet, don't be loud
riding, every day
sitting, away from the crowd
tricking, off every jump
unstoppable, never stop
very very fast
wide open on every trail
xing every thing, but your friends
yelling, ya hoo
zinging, across the land

Jeremy Mason



Athlete are amazing
but they brag
comparing themselves to others
demanding their respect
especially to other athletes
finding themselves
giving no respect to other players
harsh on others
inable to look at themselves
joking with friends
keeping it together
lost in their own world
most of all they are good people
not knowing their gift from god
others watching them
praising them
questioning themselves
reach their goal to win the game
valuable players
wishes do come true
x-ray vision on the court
yelling in the crowds
zipping down the court to help win the game.

Megan Oropeza


ABC…123…That's My Life

Amazing stories to tell
back them when I was a child
child of about 6 years of age
decorating the tree on Christmas Eve
eating candy continuously after Halloween
falling to my knees in a soccer game
going to Puerto Rico to visit my aunt
hitting my brother in disgust
informing my mom that I failed a test
joking with my friends at a slumber party
killing bull frogs at night in my driveway
listening to my mom for a change
moving to Point Arena, California
nagging my mom to move back to Hawaii
overlooking the ocean at sunrise
playing basketball for the first time
quietly sneaking out of my room and learning my lesson
running along the Gualala River
swimming in the freezing ocean on that occasional warm day
this is my life up to now, my story
understanding challenges
visiting my homeland of dreams
wishing upon that one star
xylophoning the upper beats of my childhood
yelling, but learning hardships
zoning back to the day

Nicole Penfield



Your Love

Act like you don't know me
but really you do, you
cut my heart and made it into two
dreaming of you every night
estoy emoradade ti (I'm in love with you), I'm
floating in a fantasy of love, praying to
God "please give him back to me"
hoping to hold you in my arms again
itching for you love
just remembering how it once was like a fairytale, you're my
king and I'm your queen, memories of us
lost in love
making a mistake
now you're gone
open your heart, we can
pull it together
quiet as you are
remember you will always be my romeo
still asleep, because you haven't broken the spell
te querro! (I want you)
understand what I say is true, you are like a
virus that cannot be cured
wondering why won't you come back, but you're my
yet I still miss you, but I
zoomed on with a little thing called life

Ortencia Soto



Willy Why

Why, oh Why?
Why is willy the darkness
of the heavy night?
hi is a rotten pomegranate
blood stains killing the carpet
Willy is uncomfortable high heels
pointing like a knife
squeezing your foot
smashing blisters into your bones
you hear that song
that song from that one movie
that movie
that movie sending chills all over
your naked, unconfident soul
watch as the cold stainless steel knife blade
dripping with hot blood
is unburied from your lifeless body
he rolls along side
a mirror
black viper in the dusks of your imagination
people describe him as a representation
of the dark times
when you have nightmares
on a regular basis
you hear him as the high pitched shriek
of a young innocent virgin from the sun
he drips over your lips as if he were snow melting
from the needle headed mountain tops
of the Rocky's
Willy is the white of a bone
the dark black and blue of a bruise
it hurts and brings pain
everytime you look or even think about it
but after you add it all up
Willy why?
is the question
he is happy, seductive and mysterious
so you have to ask
willy why?

Bryan Bulli



Diego is the sky
watching over you
a pineapple, ruff on the edges
but sweet in the inside
he is a glass sandal, you
can't see him, but you know he's there
the beat in Black Magic
very mysterious
a silver ring with a crystal glow
the 64 Impala cruising
down a city street
lit up with green signal
a king in medieval times, taking
a sip of his scrumptious champagne
a needle dropped into a haystack, so serene
the sunset
shining his passion
he's the red in life, so wanted
the angel of my life

Lissette Estrada



Frostbitten night
when moonlight breaks the hills
lemon used to enhance my morsels
bitter of a chance
steel toe protection through destruction
yet troublesome
silver pen flowing with ideas
works elegant seeming primitive
from medieval nights seeing the beauty
in single times lost by knowledge
silence is heard from him
chaos imitates his presence
a deep valley who's true character
is only visible in the light
forgotten in darkness
he is black with mystery
showing light to those who open their eyes
this is me

John Crosby



A cool summer night
the scent and taste that is nothing but onions
dark brown
leather dress worn with style
the fall is here
blue silver watch
a living in a memory
shoes on a cobble street
the ever changing of blue green
yield of the deep ocean
never seen
being something that needs no words

Candice Stein



Bad Trip

Alluring all through my amnesia
bring barbarian breasts in my behavior
cramming me in cradles crazy
demolish my dreams, delusion all I see
endurance is my enemy in this strange enigma
face the fall, forced to fly I hope fate is on my side
grasp the green, the gory ground coming fast
hit? handicapped? no, harmless fall
inform me the impact was immediate
joyful man playing jazz, a jester that comes then jets off
kin maybe, with his knapsack in a knot
legendary leprechaun
mallot in hand, some kind of maniac, made to manipulate
neurosis never got me only nirvana
obsession is obvious with an orange ocean
pitch black outside, prancing stars paddle playfully above
quiet very quiet, I hear a quack, oh it's a quick
run to get it, radio roaring, rainbow rain, raise the trees
sily smooth sanity, satisfying saliva covering the sand
twisting turning tunnel technique turns through me
uspside down unless the universe is shaking
vanish me into the vacuum vaguely veer
wishing to walk away but I can't move
xylophone playing in background
yawn and yearn for yesterday
zone out zoom I wake up in tomorrow

Iris Ward



Los Hermanas

cruising in her eclipse
thinking she is cool
but really crazy
listening to the river
thinking about the kiwi split on the gear shift
we pass a sunset
that looks like a site
our father would die to photograph
we see something in the road
seconds after she takes her eyes off the road
to show me her new and I shoes
we swerve
to avoid an aluminum can
we hear a bird caw painlessly
all we see is red
we call the veterinarian

Kerri Schmitz



As Easy As A to Z

quit it
try to

Nick M




Riding as fast as you can
don't go any farther
take off before you get caught
go up that hill
don't go there
people will yell
don't care, about what people say
I just go
before I can't go no more




When I wake up in the morning
I step outside and see the sun
then the bird flying around
I stay outside and day dream
imagine I am one of those birds
just flying around
no hard pain to go through
just fly away
live life
but when I start thinking about it
it cannot be done
I have to go back
human life
no matter what pain comes to me
one way or another
but I'll try to live my life
as long as I can
but if pain comes through my way
I just have to keep on going
trying my best to keep it up
to fly

Cynthia Mosa




My mom is a sunrise and sunset for she is the beginning and end
My mom is a peach for she is soft and sweet
My mom is a black high heel for she is casual, classy, yet modern
My mom is the song "I rock and roll" for she is old yet new
My mom is a metal file cabinet for she is full of knowledge and information
My mom is a red race car for she is red hot and fast
My mom is the past for she is a life changer
My mom is the sound effect from the movie psycho for she can be scary
My mom is a meadow for she is wide and clear
My mom is the colors of a rainbow for she is bright and colorful
My mom would be the word "everything" for she is everything to me




Lizeth is a warm morning
she is an apple with different taste
new shoes fresh but not that ready
when you see her you her my serious song
she is gold with everyone
she drives a curve which makes like destiny
she looks like she from the future
she has a loud mix song
she comes from a white out and brown in
she will be funny person from the future

Rafael Ortiz




Raining down from heaven
you are the drops on my face
a sweet cherry with success in my mouth
as you linger on my tongue
the sporty sneaker every guy wants
you remind me of all the romantic things in the world
the bright, shining silver on the band
of the most expensive piece of jewelry
now is the time I want to be with you
sitting on a warm beach
midnight blue sky with sparkling highlights
is this a dream?

Chris Washington


My Love

He is the sunset
strawberry because he's sweet as a fruit pie
suade because he's so stylish and smooth
banda el recodo is his sound, though he is quiet
gold chain around his neck
a mazda in the time of paradise
bumping (to a car)
bold because he has big muscles
and he can handle most anything
like a big tiger in the dark
blue because he always wears it
kind open big eyes
he is my honey

Carino Razo



I am an eclipse, all you see is magic
I'm a peach, soft out, hard in
I'm a Kswiss show
my song is "another one bites the dust"
by Speedy Loc
I'm a gun because I'm on safe
but I could be fired
I'm a Cadillac, I roll in style
I live in 2000 third and I would not want to live in any other time
I'm a hole, don't fall in
my world is a jungle
I'm red to the bone
a joker and a friend

Humbette Magaira




He is afternoon fun in the sun
a grape with disabilities
cross training shoe for any condition
a hard rock song that gets annoying
an allow of many metals
go fast and off road would be his car
ahead of the past and behind the future
"oops" is what he says
a road with many problems
vibrant yellow or green so it can be seen
derange and eccentric

Dylan Peterson



One, two, a one two voo-doo
voo-doo on you, cuz you do what you do
I can't see through you
lost loss
what the fu**?
I'm stuck
wandering aimlessly
with nowhere to go
nothing to show
for what I've done
who I've stunned
you act like you don't see me
how could this be
after how I've treated thee
I feel unwanted
I feel hated cuz the clothes I wear
are faded
I pick up the bottle
throw the throttle
to the floor
till I am no more

Kelly Cochran



My Mom
like a pineapple
sweet or sour
cowboy boots
clicking down the wood floor
country music in the background
standing like steel
strong and proud
she closes the old nova car door
gold rush
laughter that echos
down the dust dirt road
with tall trees
all different colors
funny and caring
this was my mom

Brandi Robinson



Farley's the sunrise
that I wake up to
a peach, sweet and delicious
sinking my teeth into
like a Cortez
he keeps going without hesitation
as "I can't help falling in love"
plays in the background
gold as a ring around a king's finger
he reminds me of his Hyundai
it's taken many challenges, like him
a teenager
but at the same time a mature adult
always playful
the KABOOM he makes as he sends me kisses
the brightest blue in the twilight
I see him in the glittering sea
God's gift
always showing me love

Brittany Moore


My Poem

Like a nightly dose
my Nyquil is always there
she awaits the clock
tick past 4:20
to induldge in her strawberries
a sandal sits by her side
open and free
like the song "Pray For Grace"
she radiates like iron
reflecting on the window of a Toyota 4x4
she parties like the 60s
the only sound she hears is woooooooooooooowwww
walking down her white sandy beach
where she clears her head
as she shamelessly thinks
of her green wow

Janelle Barrett



As I Sat Alone

I sat alone in an empty room
thinking of what to do next
I looked around me and heard nothing
everything so cold and lonely
the door was made out of metal bars
the bed was made out of metal springs
I looked everywhere intensely but again all I heard
was the voice of silence
I went outside but all I saw were big fences
made from bobwire
I looked around and realized it was all a dream
I woke up to find that I was home alone
in my bedroom

Alex M.



Deep waves crash on the beach
the music I fall asleep to
golden orb sparkles on a vast turquoise plain
the window side view on my way home
clock tower overlooking an ocean town
community concerned only with itself
abruptly meets an expanse of blue
my place to clear my thoughts
dependlably unpredictable sea
the part of home I won't forget
a world of infinite elegance
untouchable by those on land
raw omnipotent amaretto surges
turmoil of a stormy day
not nearly as turbulent as thoughts of leaving home

Melissa Zeiher, 12th Grade

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