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I'm just a ghetto Rez boy

I'm just your average boy growing up on the ghetto

growing up on a Rez

growing up in this ghetto called a reservation

seems like there's radiation, because there's so much tension

I feel like a spawn, always bouncing from left to right

and somehow always staying on that fine line of fate

sometimes so twisted up and I can't determine

what's going to fall into place

because there's too many neutral expressions of hate

like a silencer on the tip of a gun, you can suppress the sound for so long

but you can't suppress the actions of its outcome, whatever it is

always wishing for the best to come out of the worst situations

sometimes it is something to dream and wish for

but them again, sometimes it's like the seasons of the year

summertime, winter, spring and fall, that through it all

we could kick back and roll a few and pop open a few

and just think about all the finer things in life

like walking on a nice sandy beach on a sunny day

then looking into the eyes of the deep blue sea

expanding your horizons

then walking backwards to retrace your steps

and not having to worry about what's going to happen next

and just treading water and floating that deep blue sea

but still staying in touch

with reality

Michael Martinez
11 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher



I am sorry to say

I told you to shake your head

when you had a headache

it was strangely interesting to see

I'm sorry you look up to me.

Dylan Peterson
11 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher



The Truth

I hold these truths to be self-evident:

Homework will always be boring,

Women will always say they're fat when they're not,

Men will always be lazy pigs,

When you swallow gum it won't stick to your heart,

And no matter what

you always have something to think about

Anthony Bollock
9 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher

I am, I'm not

I am spacing out and thinking about nothing

watching scary movies

going to dances

a biologist

investigator and a psychologist.

Saying like, hells yeah, whatever

fast talking, stuttering

curious, thoughtful and helpful

I'm not cashews, snakes

or the noise that Styrofoam makes

I'll never be a stunt person, doctor, supermodel.

I'll never say pumpkin, flabbergast or procrastinate.

dude, do you know what I'm saying.

I'm not artistic, genius, or stupid.

Ana Martinez
11th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher




The wind

A weapon of life's arsenal

Blowing us around

Without care

No thought

To where we go or what happens

It moves around any obstacles in the way

Or carries them with it

On its pointless journey

Sometimes passing us by

We appreciate its coolness

Or shiver in its fist

When tempered

As it rages

It often imposes terror

The ferocities it carries

No matter their intangible character

Fear nothing

They are felt

And do not feel

Mindless berserk onslaughts

Under a given chance

Throw a calm world

Into vortex's

Tearing at the skin of its home

An arsenal of our home

Deadly to us
But essential to our life.

John Crosby
11 th Grade,   Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher




I Am

I am the game of baseball

toasted garlic bread served

with warming Italian food

the adrenaline rush of a rollercoaster

the smell of a baseball stadium

I am a professional baseball player

a cook, a coach

over saying "dude", "man", "nice, nice, nice"

I am a stutterer,

mumbler of my own traits

work ethics, respect


I am not nasty meatloaf

annoying rumors traveling among others

I am not the driver

of a green garbage truck

a yellow taxi cab

a gray bus

shouting out the window

"turn off the tube."

"I'm falling"

I'm not over stating a story

While looking down and being lazy

Or making complaints or excuses

Ben Buechner
11 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher




A Teenage Response

I hold these truths to be self-evident:


Meaningless words

Confusing connotations

"Uh, does this mean we can't smoke pot?"

"Whatever! Let's go shopping."

"Cute nipple piercing."

"I love you."

Power, envy, crucial

Do you think?

Who cares!?

That's for moms and grandpas to worry about.

"I'm not even 21, I can't vote!?"

Don't understand

Don't care

Not worried

Get out of here and let me sleep!

"Unalienable, cool, aliens."

"I'm hungry."

No sense, confusing, nothing.

But it should be...

So, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Bryan Bucci
11 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher



I am music on a bad day

money, falling asleep to the rain

a musician, a lawyer, a doctor

who says

fo'real, I don't know and feel me


feel me and check this too much

I am wise

a good listener

and a mind changer

I am not like reality

lies or truth

or a garbage truck driver

a carpenter or a gay escort

or deoxyribonucleic acid

hellnaw or apunal

I'm not word, a wetback

fat, lazy or


Jose Flores
12 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher




I am the one talking all day with family

reading poetry that is deeper than the sea

I am the one that goes shopping with no cash limit

I am the future

doctor, medical assistant, or youth worker

anyways, fool or I almost died are what

I will tell you if you ask

stuttering, ending a sentence with you know

uh? acting like I didn't hear what you said

shy, good listener, or even funny

is how you would see me

I am not the people talking down on you

not the people talking bad about you

or even the person that looks at you badly

you will never see me as a garbage man

zoo worker, or a respective teacher

if you ever heard me say

technically speaking, politically correct or principally

I would probably die

I hate talking too fast

trying to use big words

or even talking too slow

I will never be

talkative or harsh

dull is something that I'm not

Rachel Piceno
11 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher




I am a teenage girl:

I am not into car motors,

I'm about how nice the car is.

I am about going to parties,

not birthday parties.

I love having fun with friends,

and going shopping at the mall.

I care how I look,

constantly watching out for cute boys.

I love makeup,

not blush, but eyeliner,

And you can always find me with a hairbrush,

not any color, but pink.

I talk back to my parents,

and hardly ever talk to them.

I wear tight jeans,

not loose granny underwear.

it's all right to talk to grandma on the phone,

but I will talk all night to friends when I am home.

I am sixteen years old,

and hardly ever do what I am told.

Kerri Schmitz
9 th Grade, Point Arena High School
Blake More, Poet Teacher

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