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The Gargoyle

I am a shape-shifter
Though I grew up human
I ran into Gottelieb, who knighted me a leader
A punk rocker
And a cowgirl
I returned to my world
Discovered the Neo-Nazi that lives in my room
And vanquished him with my knightly power

I am a desert wind
A land-lover
I returned as a gothic pirate
And became president
I sailed the seas as a pirate
Landed as Abby Holiday
Turned my hair green and joined the mardi-gras “Peace-Corpse”
My world became black and green
My shapeshifting ended when I wrote about Daphne and Darcy
Now I am as good as Stephen
And E.A.P.’s gargoyle.

Grade 12, Point Arena HS
Poetry Slam Team


My Water People

How do I go, when his day can come?
Do you have a word to water my people?
I will find some way to write out this sound.

From his look, to what she said would call him,
To see over the word that time can number.

One… Two… My day could go
As if his or her people would know.

Call them; sound them down the side of life.
Her death, too long; For his was lost.

She said, time will go if you did sound

Is it in you?

Is it you life has to fear?

Do you fear life has a call to the first people
Who water the sound and find a long hot day?

All know what to see, like, fear
Many then, some today.

His life is lost,
In it is you.

Fear that you are with death,
That death had you.

Like my sound-
His day and each word…

Life, Death, Lost, Fear
And who,
If his said, find?

Grade 11, Point Arena HS
Poetry Slam Team


Self Imagery

My head lays open
My thoughts drifting like a butterfly
From flower to flower
Through my eyes I see the universe
Warped, twisted away from the rest of the world
Through my nose I smell the smells of the world
The rank of dumpsters and the beauty
Of ground freshly rained upon
My mouth the portal to which
People meet me
The root of my nourishment
My fangs hidden from the world
But when push comes to shove
I will not back down
My will is unbendable
My throat, clogged with the bones
Of my past lies
My breath the sound of waves crashing
Against the shore
Gentle at times but crushing at others
My heart the most important asset of my body
Guides me and keeps me in line
And my skin nothing and everything at once
Is the lining of my body, protecting
But also trapping and holding in

Grade 11, Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


The Anti Prom

My tears felt as thick as syrup
Hot syrup
Boiled at a high temperature
And then left out to sit

This was my night
His night
But where was he?
Was he off gallivanting with sun kissed girls?
Enticed by their intoxicating pheromones
Like the seamen to the sirens of the sea?

Oh well
It doesn’t really matter
Because no one really wants a siren
Pull off that glamorous exterior
And all you have is a cold, heartless being

He’ll come to me
When he really wants quality
But I don’t know if I’ll want him back
He’s dead
He’s garbage
He’s the bench I sat on
During a sweltering sunny day

So go ahead
Crack a joke with your buds
Open a can
Get loaded
Dream about beautiful blondes and burnets
And get a date if you can
But karma is inevitable
And so will be your epiphany
When you ask for my forgiveness
You will feel the bite
You will feel the sting
Because that’s all you deserve after deserting me

Grade 12, Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher



I am the balance
the king
the creator of my life
beauty of the rarest gemstone
the twinkle from the sky
I am the colors
of the rainbow
the warmth of fur
and the love a mother holds
I am the tears
a person sheds in pain
and the happiest memory
a person can behold
I am the balance
the king
the creator of my life
beauty of the rarest gemstone
the twinkle from the sky

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Light and Dark

Light and dark.
The light rules the day.
The dark rules the night.
I am the light.
I am the dark.
The light follows the music that goes through my head
The dark follows me as a shadow with every step I take
Light in sight brings a smile so bright
dark is a removable mask
This is who I am
a light
and a dark.

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Ebony (animal poem)

A dove was let loose
Free among blue abyss
I wish I were free
Free among the world
And faces of different colors
Trees and rivers and immense questions that boggle our minds
Which we have made to think are simple
We are not aware of our power our strengths our spirituality
If I was in the sky
Only if I were free…
To soar and reach unlimited heights
Share my love with all without cruel or harsh judgment
To speak and listen to instinctual melodies that are parallel with our soul

A dove was loose today
Children reach up with their cotton candy stained hands with seeds to feed
Waiting for it to turn with the wind
But do they really see it…
Pay close attention
Listen for those whispers
Free yourself
Don’t go unknown
I will miss you
But you are free
That is the best to be

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


A Deer’s End

The once proud buck lay on the highway
His massive antlers irrelevant to the semi
I rushed out of my car, “I can save him, can’t I?”

As I approached the deer
It was all suddenly so clear
His glazed over eyes said the end was near

Nature and man had battled from afar
But nature lost on the thick, black tar
To a driver on his way to the bar

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Dear Obama

You are the first president
I’ve ever been able to believe in
Maybe it’s because my time has come
To be involved in politics
Maybe it’s because I heard you speaking out to so many
With colorful shining words
Maybe it’s because of the day my grandmother pointed at you
On the television screen and said
“He will be our president,”
Motioning toward pictures of my diverse family spread on the wall
Maybe it’s because election night
I saw people singing the national anthem in the street,
Heard music inspired by your journey,
And saw my mother cry from the pride she felt
Obama you are my nation’s president
Obama you are my family’s president
Obama you are my president
I believe in you
Don’t let that fade away

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher



It starts with a head
A wise man
Gentle eyes
Powerful features

Below is a body
Filled with unknown possibilities
A galaxy, a universe, ever changing
This is my chest

Within this chest, is a heart
Made from nature, with a love for nature
This heart is so big it protrudes through
And is seen by all

This body together, becomes one
This one,

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher



I was born in a storm
At the end of November
This is why
I can walk
On water
blow bubbles
in these clear murky waters

Matt Bold
Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher



To you the new guy
For this is only the first step
The easy past and the hard to come
For the old guy has put us through debt
So you must recover all of us out of the hole
Else we’re all gonna be poor like the North Pole
So please take the steps you need
So we all have enough money to feed

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher



In our path, troubles appear
That cannot be fixed with games and beer
From mistakes, troubles emerge
They are that which we must purge
The future hangs…on a thread
We should fix it before we go to bed

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


A new color

Let’s paint the White House a Different color
It’s time for change
It won’t be easy
But it will be fun
A new color
How exciting
What a change
Now let’s wait and see
What this new color will do.

Point Arena HS
Blake More, Poet Teacher


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