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The Memory Remains

I used to be able to let mint cookies melt in my mouth,
but now I am caching paradot gem from the sky.
I used to be powered by the sun,
but now the earth fuels me.
I used to be like a diamond back sparrow flying to my family descendants
but now I am wondering if my memory remains.
I used to be the kid who hid behind the tears of clown,
but now people think I am a man
and one side of my heart shows love and the other side shows hatred.
I used to be a coward and fink,
but now I am still thinking is these memories will last forever
with my temper going up and down like a elevator.



I used to be...

I used to be blue
As a sapphire sparkling in the sun
But now 
I am gray

There used to be reads 
Growing by an English river in June
But now
There is nothing

I used to see shooting stars in the sky
But now 
All I can see is light

I used to smell as sweet 
As a rose in the spring
But now
People hold their noses in passing

I used to have a shield as strong as steal
But now 
It is paper

I used to be the center of the universe
One of a kind
But now 
I am one in many

You used to worship me 
But now 
I mean less 
Than that piece of gum you spit on the ground

You used to care
But now 
You drop bombs on me

You used to know my name
But now 
You have forgot

I used to be the earth
Still I am
But now 
I am just a word
Into memory




Children in the Fall

Autumn is a time when trees change color
When people are thankful for the choices they have made
A time when people rest inside and stop fighting
A time to make burn piles that last for hours
While kids sit around a table to hear stories from their elders
About the wild animals that live in the forest
Or about the legend of the zombie in the basement
All the while the rain causes the burn pile to smoke even more than before
Kids are taught to dance like tigers
Or pretend they are hunters in a forest looking for gold
They pretend to shoot down a spiraling bird
Then they act as if they just returned from a long winter survival
At the end of the day they lay down on their soft beds
They look at each other with a sharp smile
wondering what they will do tomorrow




I Used To Be A Kid

I used buy Platinum
But now I buy Copper
I used to fly planes
But now I am a flight attendant
I used to be like vanilla
But now I’m like water
I used to attack
But now I defend
I used to be a killer
But now I got killed
I used to be kid like you
But now I took it to the knee





16 Year-Old Me


She will look back,
And laugh at her 15-year-old self,
Who hid her face,
Behind a black mask of makeup,
And dampened hair in between hot ceramic jaws
Until it smoked.
 She will look back,
And laugh but now her skin is wrinkly
And her hair has fallen out






In 500 Years

In 500 years Lew will be growing a beard
That will be very weird
While in a coffin very dark and woody
Lew will be buried in a hoodie.
If Lew is not buried he will be in a jar
He will be ashes but not tar.
What Lew misses most is being alive
And trying to stay away from beehives.
His biggest change from his former high school
Self is his bony structure.
The thing Lew misses most about his glory
Days is being around people and not alone.



Fall Guidance Poem 11/17/11

As the new Autumn begins
The search for places out of the rain starts again
Finding the suitable inside place
And becoming stranded, waiting to return outside
While waiting, stories of legendary entities are reminisced to pass time
Tales of the golden god-like people only increase impatience
For the one day that hours can be spent outside
To keep the wildness and insanity low
And prepare to face the approaching winter with a smile
You must keep yourself from breaking tables
Others will be thankful if you sustain sanity
So don’t let yourself or people around you spiral down
And look forward a bit to staying in the soft, warm inside for hours
Even if all the persons around you do is dance.




I used to watch a flaming sponge
float down the river and eat dried mangos
Now I watch hot air balloons float in the sky
I used to think diamonds were the best
Then I saw an emerald
 I used to play the washboard
Now I procrastinate
My birthday was in December
that hasn’t changed




What Will I Be?

I used to be resses pieces

You would eat me one by one
But now I’m a reeses peanut butter cup
You eat one and done
I was once a bright light in the sky
Known as the sun
But then I burned out
And became as round as a plum
The moon is what I am
And that is what you’ll see
I shine bright in the night sky
Like a man suit on a monkey
I used to be a shallow puddle
Who got stepped on in the rain
But now you have a floaty to cuddle
While you’re in me
The pool that feels no pain
I used to be a cowardly lion
Wimpy and scared
But I know now I’m a Taurus
Strong, independent and prepared
I am what I am
Still changing, but still me
But the question is
What will I be?




A gift for James


James is one o’clock in the morning
Always awake

He is goat cheese baking in the sun
And a scuba mask floating in the ocean

He is a tennis shoe
Because he is always on the go

He is coffee ice cream
Sandwiched between two cookies

He is a red pickup truck
With his tanks in the back

He lives in the moment
And never holds back

He is often brutally honest
But we love him anyways

He is like pepper
Spicy but with good flavor

He is bright blue, like the ocean
Intense and full of secrets

He is serious
 but laidback




A Gift For Ricardo

Ricardo is 5:00 o’clock in the afternoon,
He is a coconut because of his stubbornness,
He s a worn sneaker
Because he smells on occasion,
He is a fast car, because of his liking of fast things
He lives in the future, because he always wants something
He is often mad, annoyed, but happy
He is like a thick forest,
Complex and difficult to deal with
He is black, like a mad ocean


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