Point Arena Elementary School

Word Bowl

I trust in outer space
and rocks that tickle
in the moonlight
so tomorrow
I'll skateboard
in the giant invisible pond
but tonight
the round sun
in the dark floats
like a twilight mask
and I am free

Ms Matson's 1st grade class


Give Away Day

"Give Away Day" is our holiday
the 8th of every month is its special day
red white purple pink and peach
our symbols are open outstretched hands that reach
for a box full of stuff that never sours
We say "give a generator to someone who doesn't have power"
"Here, take this toy" "here, take everything"
as we eat take out beef, pizza and chicken wings
our traditions are cleaning out closets to find things to give
cause we help people who need extra stuff to live
whether it's pay n' take clothes, shirts with bright red hearts
that smell like perfume, cedar, cinnamon or sugary sweet tarts
we started our day because our classroom had so much stuff
and we decided to give it away to people who didn't have enough
everybody thought it was such a good deed
we decided to do it every month and get rid of greed

Ms Matson's 1st Grade Class




A rabbit bounces alone
the ghost throws balls in the fire
and scares the rabbit
so he cries tears
till the moon stops the ghost
the rabbit threw a baseball
a lot of ghosts play baseball
and throw baseballs into the fire
it's a ghost trophy


Eating marshmallows next to a campfire
or knowing
B is for basketball
Point Arena's number one

I trust the sun
not to tell anyone
my secrets
when I
Paint purple on paper
take a
shower or bath
Tie a knot into a nose hair

Ms Henley's K class

Beautiful Mother

You are…
the clean smell of rain on a hot summer afternoon
the bright orange of pumpkins growing in a field
the strength of a giant redwood

You are…
The laughing pebble tumbling in the stream
The delicate perfume of spring flowers
Singing like the nightingale with fullness and ease

You are…
The stealth of a tiger prowling through the jungle
The shadow weaving themselves in the depths of the forest
Lost jewels buried in a seaweed forest
A red-tailed hawk chasing the wind

Ms Henley's K Class

Feeling Better Day

"Feeling Better Day"
is our new holiday
we celebrate it seven days a week
whenever we need a special treat
it's all white, purple, green, blue, pink, orange and red
plus every outside color that helps us get out of bed
when we feel better you see it in our smiles
sometimes they stretch out for miles and miles
we laugh and say "the cold's all gone"
which means no more Kleenex and tons of fun
the sore throat's over, but the ice cream remains
we eat it with chocolate pudding instead of grains
goodbye cherry cough syrup, pajamas and stuffy noses
we're going out to smell sunshine and roses
We're so glad to feel better today
we hope this feeling never goes away

Ms. Stornetta's K/1 Grade Class


My electric blanket makes me sleepy
my eyes make me sleepy
Saturday I am sleepy
cold, shower, nice

a red horse is talking
it sounds like
a spreading crystal campfire
dancing at the Indian house

a hot sun is like a volcano
rocket music fills the sky
my uncle talks like Santa
my car is square
silent rabbits don't talk

I have a little fire in my heart
Tiny, quiet, like the wind
I trust myself
I am healthy
I want to roll in a green field
covered in flowers
or ride my bike in outerspace

Ms. Stornetta's K/1 Grade Class

Inside Us

Friends plant kissing flowers on their checks
with a rainbow brush
they look like Easter eggs with chocolate inside
hiding inside different colored shells
but easy to find
friends ride bikes and play soccer
they listen
on picnics, friends eat tuna sandwiches
and pepperoni pizza under a tree
till they feel like a bellyful of sunshine
friends aren't afraid to ask
"will you be my friend"
they share Barbies, carry groceries
help each other up when they fall down
friendship is jumping on leaves in the park during Fall
or riding bikes in the summer
friendship has wings made out of clouds
and smiley-face eyes
it is green for the grass, pink for wild kid pigs
it makes music like the wind and rain
smells like love and perfume
it is a lighthouse beacon
that sounds like blue birds chirping
with children's laughter

Ms. Stornetta's K/1 Grade Class

Skateboard Tears

Skateboard tears
in moonlight green
my star round heart
tickles and tangles
it's easy

Quinn Moore
Ms Wausen's 2nd Grade Class

Smart Mask

Gaint smart mask
in a dark outerspace
Is true twilight
We trust it with
our glass and rocks

Iliana Sanchez
Ms Wausen's 2nd Grade Class

Ice Cream Echo

A boy playing in the sun
wished for ice cream with an echo
he saw a rose
picked it and found bones
laughing, he made a square
out of his lunch
pulled out a healthy pumpkin
and turned it into a pillow
then slept in the hot mist

Andy Thompson
Ms Wausen's 2nd Grade Class


Kitten Frog

A furry kitten is lucky to be
silly like a frog in a cup
it had a dream it was jumping
at sunset and began to sing

Franchesca Galletti
Ms Wausen's 2nd Grade Class


Ghost Story

Ghosts at twilight
camping and trusting next to the purple campfire
rabbits hopping around the woods
beneath a shower
of cats and dogs
rabbits dancing with them
the animals changing numbers
every night
tying each other
the ghosts too,
in a knot of happiness

Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class


I ate a frog
made out of popcorn
invisible like the circle
in a bowl

Mitchell Kesponl
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Purple Sunset

The purple sunset loves
to tickle rocks and pencils
at lunch
dark apples live
next to blue true suns
today, after school
I'll ride my skateboard
into the blue sky

Raymundo Morles
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class


Moon Dreams

Tonight, I dreamed
that the moonlight was floating
a giant snake like branches

Anthony Machado
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Space Water

Ponds singing outerspace
talking a moment
of hearts wishing and playing with roses
and eating alone
with happy bones

Lizzie Poe
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Tiny Brother Tears

My tiny brother
on the roller coaster cried
with all his heart
as the circus music played

Irmael Rodriguez
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Pencil Shavings Day

"Collect Pencil Shavings Day"
I do it every time I sharpen my pencil
brown, black, pink
as long as I have a pencil and a sharpener
I am on my way
"look, it's time
to sharpen my pencil again"
I write while I eat potato chips
sunflower seeds and Sharkies
collecting pencil shavings is my tradition
I'll do it till 5th grade
smell the lead
think about Dr. Seuss

Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Snowy Day

snowy day
in December
white, blue, yellow, black
snowflakes and snowball fights
breezes are blowing
hot chocolate with marshmallows
past the snowboarders
celebrating the snow
in hats, scarves and warm pants
remembering little bear

Raymundo Moreles
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Green Day

green day
may 13th
green fireworks, green drinks
the green goes on
green watermelon, green pizzas
green sandcastles
green striped shirts
cut green grass
the green bear walks on the grass

Lizzie Poe
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Kids Take Over The World

It's Kids Take Over The World Day
June 1st
the kids are in black
saying "get me a drink"
eating cake
singing "let's take over the world"
in cool clothes
smelling heaven
I like it

Mitchell Kespohl
Toni Ryan's 2nd Grade Class

Yellow Thoughts

A hot weird yellow
pencil sleeps
too close
to the flaming fire
he thinks fires are healthy
he trusts them
with his yellow
writing life

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Money Day

today is money day
it's money day every day
like on the 14th
cause that's today
stuffed wallet green
give me money,
should I say please?
money pie tastes good
please give me money
we can be rich
in green clothes
smelling like money
so everybody has money

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

TV Season Day

TV Season is my holiday
May 24th
a rainbow screen and brown square
people sitting around
watching TV
saying "be my TV"
eating pizza, chicken, popcorn
all kinds of TV food
waiting for a TV sale
because it is always the season
for TVs
we wear TVs, on our foreheads
we smell like TVs and hot plastic
until the TVs vanish
and we become sad
with nothing to do, but write

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Hippy Day

Today is Hippy Day
February 14th
red orange blue
tie-dye and peace symbols
saying "far out"
going for a slice of pizza
dressed like a hippy
in colorful clothing
celebrating peace
flowers and incense
hippies everywhere

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Sunset Day

Sunset day
april 4, 2004
blue red purple
people on rocks
someone says
"come with me on a walk"
we look at the sun
eat Hershys chocolate and pizza
because it is a beautiful day
for wearing sun dresses
the wind smells like bananas
it is a story about love

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Pizza Bones

The dog eats
dragon bones
they taste like pizza
so the dog trusts
the dragon's bones

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class


A green frog
tied to a blue baseball
tossed in a purple pond
it got tangled
in a big bush

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Fat Pumpkin

the fat pumpkin
rests in the twilight
takes it easy
in the hot shower
of the glittering sky

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Up and Down

I cry up in outerspace
on the sky rollercoaster
in the sky rollercoaster
I saw moonlight
and cool music

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

Mars Pops

popping popcorn
on mars
will be noisy
in my heart
I am lucky to hear it

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class


The purple pearl
jumped on the poetry lunch

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class


The hungry invisible
silent mask
has dirty breath

Ms Sperry's 3rd Grade Class

My Eyes

roller coasters
mash my eyes
wide out
crying makes me nervous
you don't know nothing
about my heart
I don't really eat that much
pumpkins are too noisy
music is the beat

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class




I like diamonds
they are sparkling
I had a bowl
of chocolate chip cookies
I talked with my friends
we tied poetry
into a bow

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Mars Rainbow

There is a huge rainbow
on Mars
that shines like sparkling twilight star
with crystal rocks on it
and it sounds smart
like a rabbit's echo

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Yellow Fish

An exotic yellow
fire breathing fish
was looking for pearls
Exotic Fish had to think
see where the pearls were
he found purple pearls
so bright
the fish had tears in his eyes
he gave the big purple pearl
a hug
oh was Exotic Fish lucky

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Pop Song

the singing popcorn
it came from an enormous land
with lots of roses
they are playful
in the glass
burning fire

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Blue Ocean

the surf
like dark
turn it into
a ghost
that is

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Brain Traffic

I missed the baseball game
because of lots of noisy traffic
so I drew sunset
with a tiny pencil
while numbers of cars
drove in the mist
I felt happy anyway!

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class


It's a delighted
patch of
concrete that turned
into a skyscraper
in the suburbs
with a different
species of animal

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class


I am a giant
I dream of
fluffy teady bears
and moonlight
I'm relaxed because
heart painted snakes
are my pillows in the forest
I am alive

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class


I was soap doodling
in an outerspace shower
of asteroids
afterwards, I built a campfire
on sleepy Pluto
then Pluto blew up
so I flew to a square planet
called Earth
I trusted it for the rest
of my life

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Cat Fins

I tangled up my fingers
with a cat's
silly paw
I went to a pond
it was circled and round
it was not easy to swim
with a cat on my hand
because it
because you know cats
hate water

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Super Cursive Day

Super Cursive Handwriting day
I celebrate it on January 1st
with gray, blue, geen and yellow pens and pencils
write on cards and paper
saying "cursive yay! ya!
it is a writing party with
chips and dip

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class


Fish Day

fish day is july 23rd
blue and green
byubble shape for love
and arrow shoots it and love goes
saying "blup blup"
the fish eat anchovies,
squid, octopus, crab, abalone
and people
"blup blup blup"
sharing food, big feasts
fish loving every fish
laying eggs
having hatchling families
wearing scales
smelling like saltwater and squid guts

Joey Rose
Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class



Mr B Day

Mr B day is my holiday
grey blue white
circles and hexagons
saying "You get a HUH? award"
eating peanuts, walnuts and PB&J sandwiches
our tradition is listening to party music
and dance and lip synch
pig out on ice cream
because Mr B's nice
in his sweatshirt, blue jeans, tennis shoes
smelling like cologne

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class


Sleepday is when you sleep in all day
it's every day
it's any color you want
that way you can sleep in it
beds, pillows, blankets and snoring sounds
"stop making noise" "sleep tight little Mike"
on sleep day, you eat dreams, dreams and more dreams
see if you can sleep until your 85
otherwise read in bed till you're 90
then sleep again till 135
sleeping is a tradition for good health
keep in vitamin good day
wear pajamas and go to sleep
it smells like stinking snoring breath

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class

Horseback Riding Day

Horseback Riding Day is my holiday
Saturday and Sunday is when I play
brown, black, white
all the colors horses can be
jumping courses, cantering horses
"you are a good fast pony"
hay, grains, apples are your foods
every time I ride
I clean up after you, brush your hide
give you some nckermakers
glad to do it cause horses are fun
and I smile when I wear my helmet, boots, gloves
I'm happy to smell like horses and hay

Mr Brooks' 3rd grade class



How to Make Summer

First add lots of green grass seeds
to miles of soft, silky soil.
Then grab some wildflower seeds.
Whip up the seeds with the soft, silky soil.
Add a big huge ball of burning hot gases
so then it is warm as a cozy fireplace.

Add some clear blue sky
Get some big fluffy clouds.
Stick them in the clear, blue sky.
Then bake it up so the clouds
stay in the sky for a long, long time.
Add some beautiful bugs.

Then you have summer.
Summer has lots of flowers.
Warm days. Big, beautiful butterflies
bumblebees and ladybugs.

Marlee, 4th grade
Arena Elementary School
Scott Fraser, classroom teacher

When I open a book,
thousands of words become two or three.
When I open a book,
my mind drifts off to that magical place.
When I open a book,
it's impossible to put it down until I finish it.
When I open a book,
I become one of the characters.
When I open a book,I lock myself somewhere I won't be pestered.
When I open a book,
an hour becomes a minute.
When I get other people to do other things
instead of bothering me.
Reading is my greatest pleasure.

Secilia Corona, 5th grade
Nancy Wagner, classroom teacher


If you make me do dishes,
I will explode like a volcano.
If you make me do dishes,
I will say no
and you will make me go to my room
but I won't care.
If you make me do dishes,
I will get paid and then go to the mall.
If you make me do dishes,
I will jump off a bridge
and hit my head on a rocket
If you make me do dishes,
I will turn off the TV
and run to the kitchen
If you make me do dishes,
I will be like a bull at the arcade
If you make me do dishes,
I will do what you say
as soon as you say it.

Amanda Andersen



Laughing I am's and Why am I?

I am a horse that flies in the sky
I am a scorpion that is angry
I am a rock that is colorful
I am a car that could swim in the ocean
I am a bird that could not fly
I am a sun that is not hot
I am a book that a kid opened
I am a person that is swimming
Why am I a donkey that was kicking people?
Why am I a waterfall that stinks?
Why am I a cup that is really colorful?
Why am I a rooster that is like a horse?
Why am I wienie dog that is 5000 feet long?
Why am I a duck that is a monkey?

Nestor Santillan
5th grade

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