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Ode to a Lemon

Oh lemon, you are my moon light
you squeeze and shine like a bright star
when I squeeze you in my cucumbers
your taste is my soul
Lemon, I want to say that you are my world

Cristela Sanchez



My blood is like dreams
I give red blood from my vein
blood fears death like dreams

Jose Torres



The daisy cries for an hour
the moon shines like a star
the bunny loves the horse
the diamond sparkles like light
the owl swims like a bear
the school says hello and goodbye
the clouds cry and say goodbye
the white tail deer says "I love you."

Kourtnie, 4th grade



I Am Not

I am not the wind that blows in the sky
I am the sun that shines high and bright
I am not the gun under your desk
I am a birthday cake at a party
I am not a teacher at school
I am a student learning
I am not a messy room that people never clean
I am the cleanest room in the world
I am not the alphabet
I am the stars and the planets
I am not taller than my poetry teacher
I am shorter than an ant

Cinthia Coria



God's Tears

I am the rain that is God's tears
God's tears fall and fall
when a bear is hibernating during
the frozen winter
I am the tears that feed
the smiling flowers in the rain
I am God's tears

Brian M.



I Am

I am not a pencil sharpener
I am a 14 caret gold pen
I am a bald eagle soaring through the sky
I am a Marine running through an obstacle course
I am a million dollars flying through the sky
I am a tiger hunting for its prey
I am a fish swimming in water
I am an artists drawing the devil
I am a devil drawing the artist
I am free

Rio Nance




People try to smack me
people hate me
I am really skinny
I am black
I am shaped kind of like a circle
I like to eat garbage
My eyes are really scary
I live wherever I can land
you can find out a lot by
looking at people's trash
when you see me
please don't smack me
I'm just trying to eat

Daysa Thompson



The Hour

My hour your hour 5:00 hour
It's the sun beaming off the mirror hour
It's and hour that doesn't want to be an hour

Running hour
heart pumping hour
feelings hour
nervous hour
pizza hour

Getting darker hour
fear of changing hour
changing hour click hour
the hour is 5:00 hour
not my hour

Jessie Clark



Animals of My Life & Feelings

The hot pink horse in me is my courage
in the wild it feels like my world's turning around

The blue mouse is the fear in me
it feels like I'm afraid of everything around me sometimes

The green cat is like the warmness of me
like every time I sit still I get warmer and warmer

The red dog in me is not killable
it misses everything that comes at it

There is a person in me with all these feelings
and none of them can be changed
this is the real me

Carissa Valdez



Barn Owl

The barn owl hides in his barn all day
at night he comes out hunting, looking for food
I have seen the barn owl many times
covered in white feathers
eyes dark as night
a very beautiful creature that covers
the whole sky with his wings
I might never see the barn owl again
maybe he moved on
and is now somewhere far away
but can still hear the loud flapping
of the barn owl's wings

Gina Stornetta



What Am I

Running fast as a stallion
Killing animals like elk
Crying like a baby that just was born
I come in colors like white
sometimes I look like pepper
I live like a lion
I growl like a leopard
I kill with teeth razor sharp
I tear through animals
like a knife through meat

Deanna Aquado



I Am The Hour of Loneliness

I am the hour
of your safe

The hour of
loneliness on
the sand

The hour the moon
is like a light in the distance

The hour when
the waves
overcome the beach

The hour of
1am craves
the corner darkness

The hour of 1pm
gives you time
to see your next life
through a spyglass

Jordan Washington



Red Innocence

red and bright
buss of freedom in your flight

black spots as your peering eye
as your bow ties together
one single word
flies like a bird
apart and back again
gazing into the eyes of fear
she looks and looks
but can't perceive
why she says or why
she leaves

Breanna Kespohl



Why God

Why God
why did you take her God
What was wrong with her God
Why did it have to be her God
Why did you take her God
Was she a bad person
Did she do bad things God
Was she mean to people God
I need some answers God
Why her God
We all are different God
Was it her time God
Why did you take her God
Only you know God
Will you tell me God

Douglas Greene



God in a Postcard

God is the one throwing people to the earth
Some coming head first
God is the Iraqi soldier sitting on a bunkbed
with no mattresses waiting for something to shoot
God is the man hiding behind the palm tree in fear
god is the people sheltered by umbrellas watching
rain hit the ground
god is the bald man with the bird on his head.

Anthony Bollock




Misery, misery, misery
that's what you put us through
that day you decided you
didn't want this life
that day when you chose
to screw up and leave
that day when you chose
drugs and alcohol and abuse over me
it's the path you have chosen to take
the path that leads you to the hot fires of hell
that day you tore out my heart
and ripped it up into millions of pieces
I hope you commit suicide
I hope your head gets blown off
I hope your body burns in hell
I remember that day you took my dreams
and scrambled them into a puzzle
I will never be able to put back together
that is what you made my life
all those lies you told me in your letters
the misery I went through waiting
for you to come home
I have given up on you
and now I am no longer your prisoner
I am free
I am free

April Amybarra




This place, this time, midnight is the place to go
This hour is soft like a lovebird feather
When it's upset it eats the rainbows of dreams and happiness
This hour is like a beach, with the bright blue sun
And rainbow colored sand, white and green trees
This hour likes to talk and play with the moon
Midnight sounds like a lonely tiger
It sounds like the wind, full of hope
Midnight shines bright in the moonlight
Midnight has blue with white stars
The light in midnight is blue and white with a brightness
That makes you fuzzy inside
It is like the Forth of July with all the colors of the rainbow
Midnight puts love in the air around us every time we look
At midnight, sodapop is everyplace you look
Midnight is where the United States flag stands tall
Midnight is where I can have isolation and be myself

Sara Funderburk



Music & Art

Music is notes
Music is rhythm
Music is melody
Music is creativity
Music is passion
Music is groove
Music is instruments
Music is a person's outlook on life

Art is shapes
Art is colors
Art is paint
Art is memories
Art is vision
Art is pictures
Art is passion
Art is creativity

Art and music are feeling

Zean Moore




Soft, I sleep on the soft, peaceful sound
of a new dream, one that will become
every sweet sound, me gone to my dreams
others sleeping, staying up, partying, watching TV
whatever people do, animals sleeping
in a cave or a nest with dreams of eating
playing with animal friends
fearing the moment when it is time
to wake up from the princess lounge
with the pink and light blue drapes all around
a silk bed making good dreams with a touch of love
eating away the scary dream so no bad feelings
can come to me in their dark coat
in my yellow flowered dress, soft, I sleep
on a soft, peaceful sound

Molly Smith



Under The Bridge

One blue night, I found God under a bridge
and asked him to give me energy
to get over anything wrong
over the bad things going in life
right now
and he said to be patient
just watch
so I did as he said
and things changed

Areli Medina




Girls are crazy for
candy and flowers inside
I am her today

Amber Sallinen



I can make my eye as big as the sky
I can make my hair messier than anything
I have an imaginary universe in my mind
I can wiggle my nose like a bunny
I can eat food like a dog
I can ride a bike really well
When I dream, I see weird things
like me shooting out of a cannon
into poop
a million times

See I'm weird
but in real life
I'm super weird

Robbie Ricioli



12:30 a.m.

My hour is like a flower blooming
this is the hour, like a dream that has just started
this is the breeze of flowers coming to you
and hitting your face
this is the hour that feels like a broken bone
this is the hour I feel sick and achy
this is the hour when the birds chirp into moonlight
this is the hour when I'm relaxed and happy
this is the hour when I feel the fall hit the bat
and it goes over the fence
this is my hour, when I get to be free
and no one bothers me

DJ Egger



My hour is about loud music with a huge stereo system
it eats up electricity like fire eats up blood
I like the music but I hate my mom complaining
the music is as loud as the eye of a tornado
the speakers glow blue like a street glow car
the speakers are the size of Jupiter
the noise gets louder and louder
till it stops

Justin L.



My Prayer

God you are the bird in the sky
you are the sun
you are the center of the earth
you are the wind in the apples trees
you are the silent river flowing from the mountain
God, you are the rain in the night
you are the misty morning
you are a fish swimming
but you sometimes are the fighting of two rams
you are the one person in my life to talk to
you are the one to make friendships happen
these are the things you are
and many more

Dylan Sundstrom



If I Pray

Dear god,
I hope that you are okay
There are things i wonder about
Why do we have to argue
It doesn't seem right
If i pray will you stop it?
All the madness going around
If i pray, will you stop it?
All the nonsense, can you stop it
If i pray?
All the divorces, people shouting
If i pray, will you stop it
Let it be your choice
If i pray

Chucky H.



The Time

this is the time when the bees
sleep very calmly after sucking all the honey
a father sleeping after making money
6:30 is the time of playgrounds with no sounds
no kids, the light squeak of the tired, exhausted swing
you can hear the forks hitting the plate
waiting anxiously for dinner
the sky is passing by in different colors
from dim peach to light indigo and simmering purple
you can feel the misty foggy, smooth cotton candy day
my time feels like a cloak of invisibility
at this time of day, it feels like I'm wearing
a necklace of happiness, I can feel the people
being polite and joyful and excited about this time

Ashley Hefner



I am a cold, smooth, and soft bed
I am a street where dogs bark
I am an hour that eats freddy cougar
and it tastes like Jason
I'm an hour that is wearing pajamas
I am a dog fighting and barking at the same time
I am the hour that you get comfortable
I am the ps2 that is tired
I am tired, sleepy, peaceful and exhausted
from the sounds of dogs barking

Nestor Santillan

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