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Big Brother

Big brother,

you are the ninja on my X-box

that I always want to be

you are as sweet as achocolate bar

you are as sour as a sour gummy worm.

If I could, I would give you a pickle.

Because I like pickles.

On the outside, it doesn't matter.

On the inside, it does.

You are like my dad, only younger.

Robbie R.
6th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

Honest Mistake

Thank you for fighting for our country

all those years ago.

Thank you for filling my head with so many memories.

You fought in the war.

That's why you started drinking.

Don't feel bad.   It was an honest mistake.

You were smart and clever.

You're my mother's father.

You would maybe still be here.

If you didn't abuse your liver.

I'm not being mean.

I'm not being cruel.

I'm just saying: It's not your fault.

It was an honest mistake.

Goodbye, goodbye.

Popy, Popy.



Zach Hayward
7th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

The Lonely Dog

My name is Alex Piceno.

I am a dog. I would be sniffing

a fire hydrant, getting ready to pee.

I would be on a hilltop, lonely,

waiting for someone to come play

in the real green grass.

I would be barking and eating

pizza-flavored dog food.

I would be trying to be soft like a bunny.

And I am chewing a chew toy,

waiting for a friend.

And the sun is shining,

not hurting anyone, just hot

and all of the other dogs are playing.

I see lots of reddish green strawberries.

Alex P.
6th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

Too Many

I am many things

big things and small things

mean things, nice things, pretty things

or ugly things.

I am a strobe light flashing

at a bangin' rave.

Or maybe I am the roaring

of busy New Orleans

during Mardi Gras.

Sometimes I'm a beautiful snow storm

in the countryside.

Other times I am a vicious hurricane

tearing the sandy shores apart.

No, I'm a furious, giant black hole

swirling through the universe.

Well maybe I am that,

but I'm also the sour taste

of the third beer at the bar.

Sure I'm that, but I am many things,

too many to list.

Oh well, I tried.

Deanna A.
7th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

Dear God

I want to live my life

through peace and knowledge

I want to grow up

without fear.

I want to be like

my mother and father.

I want to have my

brother and sister to care for me.

I want to be a good person

to everyone.

I want to be a good person

to myself.

I want to wake up

to clean, fresh air

blowing in my face.

I want to sit in front of my fireplace

just waiting

to see

what's going to happen.

Arnesto P
8th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher


I am a volcano

that explodes all the time.

Sometimes I even get sick of it,

But I don't know why.

Volcanoes are supposed to like it,

and hot diggety lava came out of the top

of the volcano

and interrupted the peace and quiet

in the desert forest.

4th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

Honoring Travis's Spirit

Oh Travis, I miss you very much.

Our family misses you.

Travis, I see you Indian dancing in the roundhouse.

The fire burns for you, Travis.

We throw you food to feed you, Travis.

We cry Pomo cries for you, Travis.

We see you looking down on us as the hawk.

We thank you for the meat you provide us as the deer.

We honor you, Travis.

The fire mourns for you.

Tony M.
5th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

No Title

I am something.

Maybe I don't know what...

And maybe you don't know what

but I am something.

I could be like everyone else...

And wish I was rich...

And want to be famous...

And rather be pretty than ugly...

But I don't, and I'm not.

Well, if I went by the stereotypes,

I would be like everyone else

But I don't go by the stereotypes...

I'm an individual

an unexpected outcast

Different than the rest


Maybe I don't know why...

And maybe you don't know why...

But I am something.

I am.

8th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher


Walking uptown

Bored like crazy

a friend of mine got caught

a friend of mine is back in town

It's like we don't know each other

Waiting out front

my ride pulls up

Driving home

I turn on the radio

nothin' but static

I turn it off

I'm out

Salvador M.
7th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

Blue Fox

Blue fox, why are you so carefree and confused?

Why are you so wakeful?

Why no slumber, Why so awake?

I look at you and think of a fox

that is littering its life away.

I pray for you so why let me down?

You stride so blue and alone.

You look so missing like never before.

I'm sorry you're so foresaken.

I'm sorry you feel so rejected.

But I am faithful, so tell me anything

and in two weeks you will be like a midnight fox

prancing over the moon with glee and happiness.

Misha P.
5th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher

She Could Be, She Is

She could be a rainforest looking beautiful and tropical

but she's not

She could be a kitty sleeping quietly from dream to dream,

but she's not

She could taste like a mango, tangy and sweet,

but she's not

She could be soft, so soft you couldn't stop touching her,

but she's not

She could smell like a cat when you lean next to her,

but she's not

She is shy like a kitten when you meet it for the first time.

She is a stuffed animal being tossed and dressed.

She is the sound of the cat crying for a home.

Iliana S
5th grade, PAMS
Scott Meltsner, Poet Teacher


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