MPitS Point Arena Middle School

Be…The President

Be proud
that you stand in that office
Be confident
in knowing you and your family
are always protected
Be joyful
when you meet your fans
the people of America
Be a husband
a father
a boss
Be…the president

Tim Bibbon’s ELA class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


To have come this far
is an accomplishment
To have gone as far as you have gone
is strong
To have accomplished what you have
is amazing
YOU represent what our new world stands for
To change what our wold is now
will not be easy
but we believe in you
we have faith in you
we believe that you can make our world
a better place

We are all human beings
we all have something to say
and do
We all need to help you
our nation
because we are all in need of the CHANGE
Some people hate
some people discriminate
but obviously
they don’t need you
the people who care need you

Be true to yourself
we won’t be disappointed
Please just bring us CHANGE!

Tim Bibbon’s ELA class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Mr. Courage

Thank you
those two little words people take for granted
you know the true meaning
when you look into the eyes of children
who once had no plans to become anyone
in this big, bad world
when you look into the eyes of teenagers
whose parents control their everyday lives
you give them the hope to change

Maybe I should’ve started this poem differently
Mr. Courage
I believe we are all happy and overjoyed
to be a part of this country
when you shake people’s hands
and they simply say “thank you”
you feel the hope, dreams, and pure joy
in those beautiful words
you give us the power to acknowledge
the potential, hope and power
in our souls and minds

Tim Bibbon’s ELA class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


The Rambling River

The rambling river of thoughts flows onto paper
the pencil is a guide for the rambling river
the river never stops flowing
the paper gets bigger and bigger
the pencil is moving faster and faster
the pencil breaks
the river astray

Tim Bibbon’s ELA class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Worry, and Change

I sit thinking, “what he’ll do next”
wonder if our 2nd amendment will be lost
if he
will walk into the Congress with green shoes
pink hair and black glasses?
I wonder,
what the Congress would say?
will they laugh
or see it is time for change?
it excites me
that you like lima beans
the colors red, white and blue
but I do worry
that 7-year-olds will be driving space ships in the future
that maybe, just maybe
we won’t be allowed to listen to music
or even sing
everyone will be forbidden to eat salsa or easy cheese!
but everything changes
and it starts with you

Tim Bibbon’s ELA class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Big Strawberry

I’m a big
without a stem
never awake
never acting more mature
than I really am
I am friendly
you eat me

Tim Bibbon’s 6-8 ELA Class
Blake More, Poet Teacher


You Don’t Know Me

You won’t find me at the corner
of a drug dealers way
you won’t get the sense
of cigarette smoke on my breath
when people look my way
they see another trouble maker
what is it?
the color of my skin?
or how the other girls like me
just become helpers to the troubled boys
come talk to me
and I’ll show you who I am
I dream far beyond my mind
come walk my way
I’ll take you to a place
in my heart
I’ll keep you close
come listen to the knowledge
of my native peoples
I don’t want to be a drunk
this is what my mother was known for
and maybe this is too much information
I like the sound of silence
as you listen to my poem

Tim Bibbon’s 6-8 ELA Class
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Dreams & Reality

I have my big dreams
big cities
fast cars
city lights
rude pedestrians

I make my own happiness
for the sake of others
and my self
I’d rather be the light that shines
than the people
who wear sunglasses
I say “um” when I speak
I can make you more famous
while being spontaneous

I can’t say “alls”
or live here forever
I will not be shy
or be your plumber
I will not relive a scary movie
or be part of the past

I can, however, be your friend
but this is who I am…
a person with dreams

Tim Bibbon’s 6-8 ELA Class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher



a two letter word
with many definitions
but for myself
the definition is quite simple
stretching for the bookshelves
longing to grab the next “Calvin & Hobbes”
thinking today “I won’t embarrass myself”
and then trip on my own feet

serious people
boy am I glad I’m not one of them
writing essays
c’mon Bibbens can we do something that isn’t boring?
sleeping—I’ll let you know when I wake up
my friends—I love them to death
boring—not in my vocabulary
“uh, um” and “maybe”—unavoidable
being me

Tim Bibben’s 6-8 ELA Class, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Be Yourself

I remember when you
were going state to state
telling people to vote for you

I want you to strengthen our economy
and our health care
without any of this
I will die

Rap yourself to the top
be like Snoop Dogg
have power to make us
straight again

Have hope, make hope
have peace, make peace
most importantly, be yourself
with this I’m complete

Grade 8, Arena Union Middle School
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Obama is like a new shoe
we don’t know
if it is a good fit
and last a long time
or be a horrible shoe
that hurts our feet
let’s hope
it is not the latter

8th Grade, Michelle Wausen’s Class
Blake More, Poet Teacher


Seriously Silly

Dear Obama
paint the White House blue
eat five hot peppers
with mint ice cream
make school a holiday
and weekends work
let me come over
start a war
no, wait
scratch that
wear a top hat
start a zoo
think back to 2002
start saving for the next campaign
remember to win again
but don’t forget
we’re counting on you
and that’s all you have to do

7th Grade, Kristi Matson’s Class
Blake More, Poet Teacher


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