West Hills Community School


They don't know his dreams or who he wants to be,
And forget his struggles only his troubles they see.
Most of them only see his act,
And the one that see past it ask why he actin like that.
Not many people would reach out with an open hand,
But the ones that do, God Bless ya'll, maybe ya'll can comprehend.
See he didn't have a place to lay, and close his eyes,
No one to comfort him but the tears that caressed his cheeks when he cries.
His daddy gone so he had to become a man all by himself,
And he loves his mama, so he couldn't see himself leaving with someone else.
It was tough where he grew up, but he still held his head up and smiled,
Never really did had a chance to be a child.
He just a boy but he acted like a man,
Couldn't relate to his mothers sufferin so he couldn't understand,
And always on his mind was how to make his mother proud,
If only he knew not to follow the crowd.

Rigo Berto Perez
West Hills, Grade 12
poet-teacher Julie Simental



Rigo's Poem

When the sky's are dark and you hear all the dogs bark

When you feel the hopeless inside and you see no place to hide

You gots to remember that you have to strive to survive

Cause even though your all alone, you gots to do this on your own

So child go on

I wish you luck and if you need me call, just come to me and let me feed your heart

I can understand the way it feel when you fight the world, facing this drama, cause my mama told me when I was still a boy

Rigo Berto Perez
West Hills, Grade 12
poet-teacher Julie Simental




I'm in no condition, to ride out with my homies on a mission.

I'm sittin in a cell, reminiscing and missing.

They got me hot and tripin, I pray to God hoping that he answers my prayers
Before I start flipin cause I don't wanna be in jail.

I'm still an adolescent and I need a blessin

Please God help your child in this stressful situation.

I try to change but the thing is it's hard for a young lil player like me,
Especially by myself and I'm going hungry

So I ask for your help and to lend me some of your strength, And I ask for you to go out of your way and help me see another day.

I'm just a lonely child God free me from my flesh and this crowd I promise you one day this son will make you proud-
Can you hear me, am I loud?

Rigo Berto Perez
West Hills, Grade 12
poet-teacher Julie Simental




I fell like I'm stuck in a world full of dust,
Some say they feel love, but
All I've felt is lust,
Come give me a hug,
Cause I feel like I'm lost
All this anger that makes me wanna
Grab a gun and just bust
Who else can feel my pain beside God and myself
I wish I had a twin brother so
It'll look like I'm stanglin myself
Who wanna come bother me and tell
Me I'm not gonna fulfill my dreams.
Quit lying to yourself and come check out the scene.
Come look at it at my angle, and you'll leave with the theme
Cause threw my eyes, I'm just doing my thing.

Rigo Berto Perez
West Hills, Grade 12
poet-teacher Julie Simental

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