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Point Arena High School Sophomore Class Video Poem Digital Anthology, 2014
edited by Blake More
(click on cover image to view online journal)

Collection of video poems and audio recordings created by Maichen Grossman's two Sophomore English classes during the 2013-14 School year under the guidance of Poet Teacher Blake More. This project was made possible thanks to the California Arts Council Arts in the Schools Porgram, Get Arts in the Schools, Point Arena High School, the Mendocino Office of Education, and California Poets in the Schools. For more info, email blake 

Patrick ~ Erasing Homework


Anti-Ode to the Stuffy Nose
by Leo Nunez
Anti-Ode To The Illuminati
by Enrique Natal
Anti Ode to Ignorance
by Hector Luna
Lucid Dreaming
by Alex Perez
Anti-Ode to Work
by Cody Cissna
Anti-Ode to Morning
by Ethan Pack
Ode to My Shoe
by Ethan Pack
Anti-Ode to Poetry
by Gavin Malik
Ode to My Pencil
by Jaime Cabrera
Anti-Ode to Dirt on White Converse
by Madi
Ode to My Iphone
by Oscar Rios
Ode to My Pencil
by Ricardo
Anti-Ode to a Mustang
by Victor



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